Deal Alert: Makita XAG09Z 4.5-5″ Cordless Grinder for $100

Deal Alert: Makita XAG09Z 4.5-5″ Cordless Grinder for $100

Makita’s new cordless grinder is a great deal at $99.95 (regularly $129). This is a very good value considering its performance and features. The Makita XAG09Z is powered by two AA batteries which are included with the purchase of the grinder, so it will last up to six months between charges if used regularly.

The Makita XAG09Z is a high quality, compact, battery powered grinder that comes with a one year warranty. It has four settings including coarse, fine, medium and super fine. The motor makes grinding parts easy while still producing excellent results. There are no moving parts or gears to wear out over time and the blade can easily be sharpened without any special tools.

The Makita XAG09Z has a 3-inch cutting capacity and can grind through 1/8 inch material. The blade is made from stainless steel and has a diamond pattern etched into it. It weighs just 2 ounces and measures 0.7 inches thick. You get a carrying case with the grinder too!

The Makita grinder is very popular with carpenters, mechanics, handymen and other pros who rely on powerful cordless grinders on a daily basis. Now, hobbyists and “starving artists” can join in on the fun with this incredible deal!

XAG09Z vs. XAG04Z

The new Makita 4.5-5 Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder (XAG09Z) is the upgraded replacement for the very popular Makita 4-1/2 Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder (XAG04Z). The new grinder has more power, runs cooler, has a longer life and better reliability than the old model.

The new grinder is more powerful than the old one, but not as powerful as an impact driver or hammer drill. The motor has been upgraded to produce 5.6 Amps of power (up from 4 Amps) and can still produce 11,000 RPM. This extra power really improves the performance of the tool and makes cutting faster and easier than before.

The new grinder also runs cooler (approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit cooler) than the old model. This means longer duty cycles and less time waiting for the tool to cool down. It also has a longer service life and will keep running even under heavy loads.

In addition to the increased power and cooling, the new Makita 4-1/2 Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder has a longer tool life than the old model. This means that you can grind more material before having to replace the grinder. It also has a new housing design that is stronger and more durable.

The new Makita 4.5-5 Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder has many of the same great features as the old model such as quiet operation, easy changing of cutting discs, quick disc release system, dustproof top cover and more.

Both old and new versions come with a metal carrying case, two 4.0 Amp hour batteries, a battery charger, cutting guard, side handle, hex wrench and cutting discs. The Makita 4.5 Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder (model XAG04Z) can be used with all of the Makita 4.0 battery packs and with all of the older 3.0 battery packs.

Deal Alert: Makita XAG09Z 4.5-5″ Cordless Grinder for $100 at

The new grinder is covered by a three year warranty and is expected to retail for about $169.00 when it becomes available in late March.


All metal gear construction for increased durability.

Cooler running due to improved internal metal gear design.

Slimmer, more ergonomic design feels better and fits into tighter areas.

New side handle design allows user to apply more torque when needed.

Improved dustproof top cover helps guard against dirt.

Quick disc release system for fast, easy disc changes.

Metal carrying case for better protection and easier storage.


Metal carrying case

2 batteries

Deal Alert: Makita XAG09Z 4.5-5″ Cordless Grinder for $100 on


Side handle

Cutting guard

Hex wrench


Voltage: 18 volts

No Load Speed: 11,000 RPM

Amps: 5.6 Amps

Grinding Wheel Diameter: 4.5 inches

Grinding Wheel Width: 1.1 inches

Net Weight: 3.7 Ibs

Deal Alert: Makita XAG09Z 4.5-5″ Cordless Grinder for $100 - Image

Overall Length: 9.3 inches

Overall Height: 5 inches

Max Batterry Capacity: 4.0 batteries


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