CRKT Sting 3B by A.G. Russell

CRKT Sting 3B Reviewed By: A.G. Russell on 09/22/2018 Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

I have been wanting to buy one of these for quite some time now, so I finally got around to it today after having my eye on them for awhile (and waiting).

The thing is, I was actually considering buying one of those “couch” stings instead, but then I realized that would mean giving up the ability to use the bed at night which is something I really don’t want to do since it’s such a nice feature on these beds. So far they’ve all worked out great with me being able to sleep on them most nights when not using them as a hammock or tarp shelter.

So what are my thoughts?

Well, the first thing I noticed right away is how light and compact they are. They’re definitely smaller than your average tarp or hammock, but they’re still big enough to cover most of your body without feeling like you’re suffocating. And while I’m sure there’s a reason for that, it just makes them feel more comfortable overall.

And the second thing I noticed immediately upon putting them on was how well made they felt. I mean I knew they were going to be high quality, but the amount that actually is top notch is quite impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such high quality materials put into a camping hammock before.

Everything about it just screams “high quality” from the moment you see it. Even the box it comes in seems to have been custom made for this purpose.

And while I haven’t actually used it yet since it’s still day, I can already tell from just feeling the fabric that it’s going to be extremely comfortable especially combined with a thin blanket. I don’t think I’ll really need anything else other than that. And in fact, unless it gets really cold at night, I’m probably just going to use this as my sleeping bag too and save some room in my backpack.

I’m really looking forward to using this next time I go out.

Overall, these are probably the nicest and most well thought out camping hammocks I’ve seen so far. Once I got to hold one in person, I just knew that I had to get one for myself.

Thank you for making such a great product!



a.g russell sting 3 review:

This is a great hammock. It has served me well on many nights out. It even got me through a torrential downpour without any issues. I have seen the same hammock for sale elsewhere for $5 more than what you are selling it for.

Don’t know why someone would pay more when they could get it from you.

CRKT Sting 3B by A.G. Russell -

a.g russell sting 3 review:

I love this hammock so much that I bought one for my wife. We always use it camping and backpacking. It is so comfortable that we don’t even bring a tent when we can bring these hammocks. They are light weight and versatile.

We always bring 1 or 2 cars keys to hang it up. The only negative thing I can say is not about the hammock but about the people that use rocks to hold the lines when there are trees all around.

a.g russell sting 3 review:

I love this hammock! I have taken it everywhere with me since I bought it. I even used it recently when I went camping in the snow at 10,000 ft elevation. It kept me nice and warm 🙂

My only complaint is that one of the guys who I went with didn’t bring a sleeping bag or pad and instead of being logical and borrowing or buying something when we were in town the day before, he decided to try to squeeze himself into my Hammock… needless to say he couldn’t do it 😀

a.g russell backpacker review:

I LOVE my hammock! Thanks for such a great product at an affordable price.

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