CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P Knife Review

CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P Knife Review

The CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P is a tactical knife made by CRKT. It’s one of their best selling models and it was released in 2014. You can buy it from various online retailers like Amazon or Ebay. You can get it cheaper than other places but you have to pay shipping costs too.

The price range for this model ranges between $200-$300 depending on the retailer.

The CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P is available with two different blade options: a plain edge version and a serrated edge version. Both versions are pretty good quality and they both perform well. The only drawback of these models is that they’re not very lightweight which makes them less portable than some other tactical knives. They’re also heavier than most tactical knives so if you don’t need the extra weight, then you might want to pass on this model.

I’ve been using my CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P since October 2015 and I really liked it. It’s small size makes it easy to carry around in your pocket. Its ergonomic design makes carrying it comfortable even when you’re wearing bulky clothing like jeans or a t-shirt. When you hold the CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P, its handle feels solid and sturdy so you feel confident while wielding it.

The G10 grip is pretty good at keeping the knife from slipping out of your hands so you’re less likely to drop it. The blade is quite sharp and it’s easy to sharpen too. The CRKT RugeR Hollow Point +P looks really nice as well so you can be proud to bring it out in public.

However, there are a couple of things I didn’t like about the knife. First off, the holes along the spine of the blade tended to trap dirt and grime so you need to regularly clean it so it doesn’t rust. The other thing is that the CRKT RugeR Hollow Point +P is a bit heavy so if you need to carry it around in your pocket every day, it can get really uncomfortable. If you’re not going to be carrying the knife around with you all the time, then the weight shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall, the CRKT RugeR Hollow Point +P is a great tactical knife. It’s solidly built and easy to use. If you need a tactical knife to bring with you while you’re out in town or at the office, then this isn’t the knife for you. However, if you need a sturdy tactical knife that you can keep handy in your car or at home, then the CRKT RugeR is a great choice.

CRKT RugeR Hollow Point Knife Design

CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P Knife Review |

The CRKT RugeR Hollow Point has a very clean and professional design. The knife is made out of a single piece of steel which gives it a solid feel. It has a full tang design so you can use it for heavy duty tasks without breaking it. The knife is overall eight and a half inches long with a blade length of three and a half inches.

The handle has finger grooves on both the front and back so you always have a sure grip on the knife. The blade itself has a drop point style which makes it great for slicing.

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