CRKT Graphite Folding Knife

CRKT Graphite Folding Knife Review: What Is Crkt?

Crkt is a brand name used by a company based in New York City. They are known for their high quality folding knives. Their products have been praised by many critics and customers alike. The brand was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating a higher standard of product design and manufacturing than what was available at the time.

The company’s founder, Tom Breen, has stated that they strive to create a “premium” product that will stand out from the crowd. While other companies were focusing on mass production and cheap labor, Crkts made its mark by being very selective in choosing materials and manufacturing techniques. Crkt knives are manufactured using only top grade stainless steel blades (except for some of their most popular models), carbon fiber handles, titanium hardware and aluminum spacers.

The company has also released several different models of folding knives, including the Graphite Folding Knife, the Nock’em Knives and the Supernova. All of these models feature premium materials and construction. However, all of them share one thing in common – they’re not exactly inexpensive! Prices range from $200-$400 depending on model. These prices make Crkt knives expensive compared to other folding knives on the market today.

So, are they worth the price?

Well, that’s a matter of personal opinion. CRKT knives have been praised by several professional knife reviewers and customers alike. However, there are many other great folding knives available on the market for less money. It all depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in a knife.

CRKT G10 Handle: What You Need To Know

The CRKT G10 handle is a brand new release from the renowned knife manufacturer. It is a folding knife with a 3.4 inch blade and an overall length of 8 inches. It sports a drop point blade style and has a top swedge. The back of the blade has a nice thinning feature that leads into the tapered handle, giving it good balance.

It is made from a high quality stainless steel and has a durable black powder coat finish. The CRK G10 knife has a finger choil and textured spine jimping that allows for better grip.

The handle has a nice shape to it, with slight finger grooves that fit comfortably in your hand. The back of the handle has some heavy duty crosshatching gives you a solid grip on the knife, even when your hands are wet. Since this is a folding knife, it has a pocket clip that allows you to carry it around in your pocket. The knife weighs 3.5 ounces so it’s not going to weigh down your pocket.

CRKT gave this knife a nice balance between a sturdy build and a lightweight feel. The CRKT G10 folding knife opens up easily with a flick of the wrist and snaps securely into place.

The blade is a razor sharp drop point that can be easily drawn from your pocket and used at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re using it around the campsite, in the backyard or encountering unexpected emergencies around the house, this knife is sure to come in handy. The CRKT G10 knife is a handy tool to have around and you’ll find yourself grabbing it more and more as you get used to having it around.

All in all, this is a great everyday carry folding knife. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship that CRKT put into this knife are evident from the moment you pick it up. While this knife isn’t the cheapest on the market, you certainly get what you pay for with this one.

So if you’re looking for a new every day carry knife, the CRKT G10 knife is a great investment.

CRKT Graphite Folding Knife on

You can find the CRKT G10 at a variety of retailers and online websites. The list price is $98 but it is always a good idea to do some comparison shopping before making a purchase.

CRKT G10 Review: Final Verdict

The CRKT G10 knife is a handy everyday carry folding knife with an affordable price tag. It is made from quality materials and has a durable design that will last you for years. It’s not too big and not too small, making it the perfect size for just about anything. Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting, cycling, hiking, walking your dog or just going to work, this knife will prove to be a useful tool that you reach for time and again. It has a solid 4.6 star rating on Amazon and is recommended by many reviewers and customers.

All in all, the CRKT G10 knife is a great EDC folding knife.

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