CRKT Argus Black Review

CRKT Argus Black Review: Crkt Argus Black Review

The crkt Argus Black is a new model from CRKT. They are known for their high quality products, but they have been struggling with the business lately due to the recent downturn in the industry. For some time now, they have been trying to increase sales through promotions and discounting prices on their other models. While these tactics may work for them, it doesn’t seem to be working for everyone else.

In fact, the company’s stock price has dropped significantly since its peak at $40.00 last year. However, there are still those that believe in the old school way of doing things. These people buy their gear directly from CRKT and don’t rely on promotions or discounts.

This group includes me! I bought my first crkt product when it was only $99.95!

I think it’s great that CRKT is trying to improve its image and make itself more accessible to the average consumer. But if they want to stay relevant, they need to stop being so cheap and start charging a little bit more than what they do now. And that means not just one extra dollar per piece, but two dollars! I mean it’s not like the things are going to start falling apart after two years.

You might be thinking that this is a pretty silly thing to complain about, but I think that this a pretty important issue that needs to be addressed. I mean sure there are a number of other folders out there that are cheaper than the CRKT Argus.

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