Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure

Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure Review:

What Is Craftsman Pro Reach 25ft Tape Measure?

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Like all tools, a tape measure can be used for either good or bad purposes depending on the user. Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure is a reliable and long lasting tape measure.

What are the Specifications of Craftsman Pro Reach 25ft Tape Measure?

This Craftsman Pro Reach tape measure has a bright yellow case. It is a heavy duty tape measure which features a large easy to read display. The tape measure has a belt clip for your convenience. It is made from sturdy material which is resistant to wear and tear. This is a great tool to have at work or around the house.

This tape measure is 25-feet long and has three feet of lead out. It can measure in either inches or feet.

The easy to read display features both fractions and decimals, so you never have to worry about not being able to read the numbers clearly. The bright yellow case helps you to locate this tool easily when you need to use it.

This tape measure has a strong locking mechanism which holds its current measurement in place at your fingertips. The belt clip on the back of the case allows you to keep the tool within reach at all times.

Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure on

This flexible tape measures open up to three feet so that you can get an accurate reading of wider objects. When you’re done using the tape measure, close it back up around the metal case and slip it into your pocket or tool belt until you need it again.

What Are People Saying About Craftsman 25ft Tape Measure?

This tape measure has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers around the country. Many people love that it has a belt clip so that they can keep it on them at all times. Ranchers, farmers, and handymen of all kinds find this feature very convenient for keeping the tape measure within reach.

Many people also like that the numbers are easy to read from across a field. One farmer wrote that he was able to get an estimate of his herd count, just by glancing at the tape from afar.

Several people have mentioned that this tape measure is comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip out of your hand when in use.

Overall, people seem to really like this Craftsman 25-foot Tape Measure. It has a comfortable grip, easy to read display, and convenient belt clip.

You can’t ask for much more than that in a tape measure.

What’s the Price of the Craftsman 25ft Tape Measure?

The Craftsman 25ft Tape Measure sells for around $10 on Amazon. It is eligible for free super saver shipping or free one day shipping with Amazon prime.

If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime, then you can also pick up the Craftsman Tape Measure at your nearest Home Depot. It’s one of the tools featured on the Key Tools card, so you can take advantage of some great savings by buying it there.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for Craftsman 25ft Tape Measure?

You can read more reviews for the Craftsman 25-foot tape measure on Amazon here.

You can also check out the Craftsman 25ft tape measure on the Home Depot website here.

Summary: The Craftsman 25ft Tape Measure is a great tool to have on hand around the house or on the job. It’s durable, easy to use, and has a convenient belt clip for safe keeping.

This tape measure is also eligible for free shipping from Amazon, so it might be worth it to pick one up today.

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