Craftsman 2000 Series Tool Chests and Rolling Cabinets


The Craftsman 2000 series tool chest is one of the most popular types of cabinets sold today. They are made from solid wood with metal hardware. These chests have been around since the early 1970’s and they are still being manufactured today. There are two versions: a standard version and a heavy duty model which comes with extra shelves and drawers for storage purposes. Both versions come in several colors.

These cabinets are very versatile and can be used for many different things. You can use them to store tools, small items such as screwdrivers or pliers, or even large items like saw blades.

In addition to their utility, these cabinets are also attractive. They look good in any room and are usually easy to clean. A few features that make them stand out include the heavy-duty construction, the sturdy lid and the sliding doors. If you’re looking for something that will last for years, then these are probably your best option.

Their only real disadvantage is that they are not waterproof. If you work with water or moisture on a regular basis, then you should look for something else. You can still keep your tools protected using Craftsman tool boxes though. These are also quite good and cost effective.

If you decide to get a Craftsman 2000 series tool chest, then make sure that you buy the correct version for your needs. Otherwise you might be disappointed with the purchase.

Craftsman 2000 series tool chest with rolling cabinet

The rolling cabinet is made for people who need to move their tool chest around a lot but don’t want to carry it. The box is still made from durable wood and it comes with plenty of storage compartments for all your tools and supplies. The casters are sturdy and provide an easy glide motion which can be locked in place when stationary.

This chest is made for people who need portability in a tool box. If you already have a stationary tool box and you need to move it around sometimes, then this is the best option for you.

2000 series heavy duty rolling cabinet

Craftsman makes two types of heavy duty rolling cabinets. This one comes with four large drawers and two wide doors which give you plenty of options for storing supplies and equipment. The cabinet is made from solid wood with metal hardware and it’s very sturdy. The drawers close automatically and they are very easy to pull out.

This rolling cabinet can be used for a wide variety of tools and equipment, not just for tools. It can be used as a mobile office or a mobile laboratory for example.

If you need a tool chest or some storage space on wheels, then this is the best option for you. This rolling cabinet is twice as heavy duty as the standard Craftsman tool chest and it is very easy to move around due to the four large casters.

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2000 series tool box

The Craftsman 2000 series tool box is a typical stationary storage container made from wood with metal hinges and clasps. It can be used for both small and large tools and equipment.

The Craftsman tool box is a good option if you already have a Craftsman tool chest and you need to buy an extra one. They are not as common as the other chest types since most people prefer to buy multiple drawers instead of just one big box.

The only real advantage of getting a tool box is that it’s much cheaper than the rolling cabinet or chest. As with all other Craftsman tool chests and cabinets, the tool box is also very sturdy and durable.

These Craftsman tool boxes are made with the same high quality materials as all other Craftsman tool storage units. The main disadvantage is that you cannot roll it from one place to another, so you’ll have to carry it instead.

For people who spend most of their time on the road this might not be the best option since you cannot move it around too much.

The Craftsman 10179 roller cabinet is a large rolling cabinet with two drawers and two doors. It comes with casters for easy movement around the workshop. Like all other rolling cabinets it can also be locked to prevent others from messing with your tools and equipment.

This rolling cabinet doubles as a storage unit and a work table, so it’s very versatile.

This Craftsman dual-purpose cabinet can be used as a regular storage chest or you can flip up the top part to create a wide work surface. Either way, you get access to four large drawers for all your smaller tools and supplies.

The Craftsman 10190 rolling cabinet is heavy duty and it comes with 4 swiveling casters for easy movement around the shop.

This chest comes with a key lock to prevent others from messing with your stuff. The Craftsman 10190 rolling cabinet is an excellent tool storage solution if you need more drawers to hold smaller tools, seldom used equipment and supplies.

Qualities of the Best Craftsman Tool Chests

Craftsman tool chest reviews indicate that all the Craftsman tool chests and cabinets are very sturdy, reliable and durable. They are made in the United States and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

You can also find cheaper tool boxes and chests of different qualities, but Craftsman tool boxes are the best buy for your money since they can withstand years of regular wear and tear.

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They come with high quality ball bearing slides, ergonomic steel handle design and they feature solid steel recessed handles to protect the contents of the tool chest from unauthorized access.

The tool boxes and chests also have a steel top with a durable powder coat finish that can last for several years.

The drawers slide in and out smoothly on metal tracks to make access as easy as possible.

All models come in different sizes depending on your needs. The smallest ones are small portable storage units, mid-sized tool chests with two to three drawers and then there are larger rolling tool cabinets with two or three drawers as well as a work top.

You can also get rolling tool cabinets with more than three drawers. These are larger models designed for commercial use. They have several different sized drawers to accommodate larger tools.

The larger chests and cabinets all come with metal shelving units so that you can store even more stuff.

In all cases the chests and cabinets are made of high quality materials and they come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The only real difference among the different models is the size and the number of drawers. All the Craftsman tool boxes and chests come in the same durable quality.

Other than that, the only other differences among them are their prices which range from moderate to high.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive one though because even the lower priced models are made of durable quality materials and they come with the same warranty.

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High priced models do not have any additional features or benefits over the cheaper ones. Just pay for the size and number of drawers you really need.

Quick Comparison: Top Tool Chests and Cabinets

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews and videos for each cabinet.

Tool Chest or Cabinet Features to Look For

Some features that you might want to look for in a good tool chest or cabinet include:

Construction materials: The best chests and cabinets are made of heavy duty materials like steel and polymer. That way they will be long lasting and durable even with regular use.

Organization and features: some chests and cabinets come with integrated tool holders and racks. These are ideal because you do not have to purchase and install them separately.

Drawer sizes: Look for chest or cabinet drawers that are deep enough to accommodate your tools. You do not want the drawers to be too shallow because small tools can easily fall out when you open the drawer.

Handles: Some of the higher end models come with ball bearing slides in the drawers. These slides make opening and closing the drawers easier. Chests and cabinets with ball bearing slides can be a little pricier though.

Size: Make sure that you get a size chest or cabinet that will easily fit in your workshop or garage. Getting one that is too big is a waste of money because you will not be able to make maximum use of additional storage space. On the other hand, getting one that is too small will restrict you from storing all your tools. So choose a size that will comfortably fit in your workshop or garage.

Warranty: the best chests and cabinets come with warranties of at least five years. This reflects the confidence of the manufacturer that their product will last for at least that period of time.

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Here are three highly rated tool chests and cabinets for your workshop or garage:

The first one is the Craftsman 27 Inch Premium Tool Cabinet. This is one of Craftsman’s top of the line tool cabinets and it has several great features that will make it a welcome addition to any workshop or garage.

This tool cabinet is made of heavy duty steel and has ball bearing slides in its drawers. This makes the drawers glide open and closed with a smoothness that you usually only see in high priced pieces of furniture.

The ball bearing slides also add to the overall durability of this unit because they add support and strengthen the sides of the drawers.

The Craftsman 27 inch tool cabinet has four drawers that provide a total of 27 cubic feet of storage space. This is plenty of room to store all your tools, even the largest ones.

The top drawer can accommodate hand held tools and other items up to 7-3/4 inches tall. The next drawer down can hold items up to 7-1/2 inches tall. This is a great place to store your drill and impact driver sets.

The third drawer can accommodate items up to 7 inches tall. This is a good place to put jigsaws, screw drivers, and other tools that are typically shorter than the larger power tools.

The bottom drawer can hold items up to 7 inches wide and has a depth of over 19 inches. This is perfect for storing larger items like circular saws or large drill bits.

In addition to the four drawers, the Craftsman 27 inch tool cabinet also has a top tool tray that is perfect for holding your smaller hand tools. It has a lip around the edge to prevent your sockets, drill bits, and other small parts from rolling off the tray.

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The drawers and top tray can be easily removed so you can clean or organize inside of them. When not needed, they can be neatly stacked on top of each other.

You can securely lock the top two drawers of this Craftsman tool cabinet using the built-in hasp. This is great for keeping your most valuable tools out of the reach of little hands or locked up when you leave your workshop or garage.

The bottom drawer does not have a lock so you can easily access your extension cords, power tools, and other frequently used items.

The Craftsman 27 inch tool cabinet has four large swivel casters that provide excellent mobility. These are solid steel ball bearing casters that will last for years even with the heaviest loads.

This tool chest and cabinet is available in either silver or red color.

Customers seem to really like the Craftsman 27 inch premium tool cabinet. They like its stylish appearance and the fact that it can easily accommodate all their power tools. They also like the heavy duty drawer slides and the fact that this tool cabinet can be easily locked up to prevent others from getting access to your tools.

The only negative comments we found on this product were that it was heavy and had a hard time rolling on carpets or uneven surfaces. These are the types of things you would expect from a top quality tool cabinet and tool chest like this one.

The next item we will look at is the Dewalt 6 Piece Tool Storage Set. This is a tool chest and cabinet combo that has been designed to hold and organize your most commonly used tools.

The first thing you will notice about this set is that it comes in a bright yellow color. While this may not be to everyones taste; it does serve the useful purpose of allowing others to see exactly where your most commonly used power tools are kept. This helps to prevent others from messing around with your equipment or even worse, trying to take it away from you.

Craftsman 2000 Series Tool Chests and Rolling Cabinets at

The six-piece set includes a cabinet and five different drawers and cabinets. Each piece has its own function and is used to store different types of tools.

The first one is the largest. It has two doors and three shelves inside. The top door contains a large section designed to hold a portable work light. The bottom door has two smaller sections, each with a shelf and peg board on the inside. These shelves are designed to hold screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and other similar tools.

The top section contains one large shelf that is designed to hold larger tools like drills, jigsaws, or circular saws. The bottom section has one shelf and two smaller drawers. These parts of the cabinet are designed to hold screws, nails, small hooks, or any other items you may need to access quickly.

The smaller drawers and cabinets are designed to hold items like files, clamps, pencils, and other similar things.

This tool chest and cabinet combo has a simple to use design and can be easily seen into by lifting the top open. Having everything in clear view makes it easy to see if anyone has been messing around with your equipment.

The Craftsman 6 piece tool storage set comes in yellow to stand out or red or gray colors. It is made of heavy duty steel and has both metal and metal grain texture to make it more resistant to rust and wear.

Customers really seem to like this tool chest and cabinet combo. They say it is very durable, easy to transport if necessary, and holds a great amount of tools for you to use. Many people also like the idea that this tool chest comes in different colors as you can choose what best suits your own preferences.

The only real complaint about this product is some people feel it is too small for their needs. This is really a personal choice in many ways as it will come down to how many tools you really need to store. It may be good enough for most people, but if you are a professional or do a lot of wood working at home, you may want something bigger.

The last tool chest and cabinet combo we will look at is made by Home-It. It is a little different than the other two products as it does not come with quite as many pieces. This may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your needs.

The Home-It Moulding Storage Chest only comes with one piece, but it is extremely versatile and capable of holding more tools and larger items than the other two tool storage cabinets we have looked at so far.

Craftsman 2000 Series Tool Chests and Rolling Cabinets -

The cabinet has two doors and four drawers. The top door contains a large drawer designed to hold items like a jigsaw, drill, or circular saw.

This top section also has two smaller drawers that are good for holding smaller tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, or Allen keys.

The bottom door and drawers are larger and designed to hold larger tools like your sledgehammer, mallet, or any other long handled tool you may need on the job.

This tool chest and cabinet combo also has a simple iron and wood design to blend in with most rooms or garages. It also comes in both black and dark brown to give it more of a classic look.

Customers really seem to like this tool chest. They say it is big enough to hold all their tools, but small enough that they can easily move it around when necessary. They also like the quality of this chest and say it is very durable.

The only real complaint people seem to have is the smaller drawers in the top section are too small to really fit larger tools in. This means some people find they can only really fit smaller tools in these drawers. However, this was not a major problem for most customers.

The choice is ultimately yours when it comes to finding the ideal tool chest and cabinet combo for your specific needs. All three of these tool storage cabinets have their pros and cons, but ultimately, it will come down to your own preferences and how much you are willing to spend on a product like this. Hopefully, this article has at least given you some things to think about.

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