Craftsman 17562 NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver Review

Craftsman 17562 NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver Review:

The craftsmanship of the next generation impact driver is now available! The new Nextec series are crafted from high quality materials, with the latest technology. They have been designed to provide long lasting performance, durability and reliability.

The Nextec series is made up of three models; 17562, 17563 and 17564. Each model comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The 17562 is the most popular one among hobbyists due to it’s low price tag, good performance and excellent build quality.

Nextec Series Impact Driver Reviews:

We have reviewed all three models of the Nextec series impact drivers. All three are great performers, but they come at different prices than other brands out there. If you want to save money then these impact drivers might be just what you need!

How To Choose The Best Next Generation Impact Driver For You?

If you’re looking for a cheap impact driver then you’ll probably want to go with the NeXtricity Series. These are easy to use and very affordable. However if you’re looking for something better then maybe you’d like to look into the Craftsman series. They offer superior construction, features and performance compared to their competition.

So which one would be best for your needs?

If you’re looking for an impact driver that will last you for years then maybe the Craftsman 17562 is the one for you! It comes with a massive 2.0Ah battery and a very powerful 12V motor. If you want more run-time, no problems, just buy a spare battery and keep it on charge whilst you use the other! The driver has excellent power and speed, yet it’s still very well balanced and comfortable to use.

It’s also very easy to use; it only has two speed and torque settings, so there’s nothing to learn or get confused about. This makes it great for both professionals and amateurs. If you’re a professional who needs a reliable tool which you can rely on day in day out, then this is the one for you!

Finally, here at Tools and Toys we offer some of the best prices on the web. Our offers change every week and are available for a limited time only! So make sure you don’t miss out!

Bosch Professional Bare-Bones 12-Volt Impact Driver:

Are you looking for a bare-bones, cheap impact driver to get the job done?

If so, then perhaps the new bare-bones Bosch 12-volt impact driver from Tools and Toys is just what you need. At just $89 (on sale), this serious piece of kit is tough enough to handle any job you throw at it. From fastening decking to putting up shelves, it’s more than capable of doing the job.

The bare-bones nature of this tool means that you don’t get any battery or charger with it, so make sure you grab one of those too (we have a few specials on them on our site).

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