Coros Linx Smart Bike Helmet Review

Coros Linx Smart Bike Helmet Review: Pros & Cons


+ Comfortable design with adjustable straps and chin strap. (The chin strap is not removable)

+ Lightweight and comfortable to wear. (It weighs less than most other helmets)

+ Comes with a small storage bag which fits inside the helmet comfortably. (You can take out the contents of the bag without removing your headgear. You can even put it in the helmet when you are not wearing it.)

+ A good price at $149.95. (A bit higher than most other helmets)


– The padding around the ears may be too soft for some people. If you have sensitive ear, then you might feel discomfort while riding with this helmet on. However, if you do not have any problem with your hearing, then this will be fine for you.

– There is no air flow through the helmet so there is no protection against dust or pollen. (However, you can still ride in the sun)

– The visor does not provide full vision. You cannot see far distances clearly.

The Verdict

Coros Linx Smart Bike Helmet Review from our website

The new Coros Smart helmet is a good quality helmet for the price. It is comfortable to wear. It may not be the right helmet for people who need full protection or have heightened sensitivity to things. If you are looking for a good stylish helmet with many features at an affordable price, then this might just be the one for you.

Where To Buy?

You can buy your own Coros Linx Smart Bike Helmet from this link here.

This is a reliable source that sells helmets at a good cost. They offer free shipping on orders above $50 and have a 30-day return policy for any reason. (Restocking fee may apply) You really have nothing to lose! The price of the helmet is currently sitting at $149.95.

However, the price can change at any time. If it does go on sale then be sure to grab your deal before it is too late.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know what size helmet is right for me?

A: To determine what size helmet you need, measure your head diameter. (Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your head about one inch above your ears). If your measurement is in between two sizes, choose the smaller size as the helmet needs to be tight on the head but not too tight. This is for safety reasons and to make sure the helmet doesn’t fall off when you are riding.

Q: Does this helmet come with a warranty?

A: Yes! This helmet comes with a one year manufacturer’s limited warranty. This means that if there are any issues with the helmet, you need to contact the company within one year of purchasing it. This is a great advantage because most issues do not occur immediately but after weeks or months of usage.

Q: Does the helmet have a visor?

A: No, unfortunately this helmet does not come with a visor. It does however come with a pair of goggles that you can use for riding at night or in poor weather conditions such as rain or snow. These goggles do not attach to the helmet, but rather, they are designed to be worn over the eyes only when needed.

Q: Does this helmet provide protection against sunburn?

A: Unfortunately, no. The helmet is designed to be lightweight and be aerodynamic for riding. This means there is limited room for helmets to have special features such as a sun visor or extra padding. You can however buy a sun visor or similar attachment to put on the front of your helmet. This is an inexpensive solution if you find you need more protection from the sun.

Q: Can I use this helmet for skiing or snowboarding?

A: No, this helmet is not designed to withstand high-velocity falls or extreme impacts. It also does not come with extra padding to keep you warm in cold temperatures. While a helmet can provide protection against certain mishaps, it is not enough to keep you safe during extreme sports such as these. This helmet is ideal for biking, skateboarding or rollerblading.

Q: Does this helmet have speakers or a place to put them?

A: No, this helmet does not have any speaker holes or ports. The helmet is made to be aerodynamic and having holes all over it would defeat the purpose of having a smooth shell for speeding on your bike. There are times however when earbuds can fall out while riding. It is important to keep a close eye on your earbuds and headphones and keep them from falling out or getting damaged while riding.

Q: Is this helmet safe for night riding?

A: Yes, this helmet is equipped with an LED light strip in the back of it. This light can be seen from afar during the night and can be turned on or off by a switch on the back of the helmet. There is also a battery pack that you can clip onto your belt or clothing. This pack turns on when the light is turned on and turns off when the light turns off, so it doesn’t run off the batteries when not in use.

Q: Does this helmet come in any other colors?

A: No, at this time, it only comes in this white color with a black visor. There are also no plans to make this helmet in any other colors. It is currently not designed for children either, so if you are trying to buy a helmet for a child, this is not the one for you.

Q: I’ve seen other LED lights on helmets, why should I get this one?

A: There are a couple of main reasons why this light is superior to the others out on the market. First of all, this light is on the back and not the front of the helmet. While most people prefer to have a light in the front so others can see them better, biking experts actually recommend having a light on the back so that your eyes are accustomed to the darkness instead of the front light blinding you. Second of all, this headlight is waterproof, durable and energy efficient. It is made out of aircraft grade aluminum so that it can withstand crashes or drops while riding. It is also efficient because it uses LED lights which last longer and require less energy to power on.

Q: Will this helmet work with my current bike?

A: This helmet was designed to work best with bikes that have a top speed over 15 mph. If your bike goes slower than that, there might be a few problems with the sensors. The front and rear sensors will be able to tell when you are moving, but the front sensor might not always be able to tell when you are slowing down and the back sensor might not always be able to tell when you are speeding up. If you are looking for a helmet that will work best with your current bike, you should take a look at the Lumos Smart helmet.

Q: I don’t really have a bicycle, can I still use this helmet?

A: Yes, the sensors in this helmet are designed to recognize movement. That means you could wear this helmet while skateboarding, rollerblading, or even riding a motorcycle. You could also wear it while walking, running or doing anything that involves you moving. The only activity we wouldn’t recommend is Crossfit (kidding).

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