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What is Coast Lights?

Coast Lights are lights or objects that shine their light up into the sky. They may be artificial lights such as streetlights, lanterns, or even natural phenomena like meteors. Some examples include: stars, moonlight, fireflies and auroras. There are many different types of lights used for various purposes; some are bright enough to cast shadows while others illuminate areas with little light at all.

The term “Light” here refers to any object that shines its light up into the sky. These lights are called Coast Lights because they’re commonly seen along the coastline of North America. Coast Lights have been reported from Canada to Mexico and even as far away as South Africa. Although these lights are often associated with the ocean, they can appear anywhere in the sky, including near cities and townships where there’s no direct sunlight.

Why Do People See Them?

People see them for several reasons. Some report seeing them when they were young and had a good view of the sky. Others say it happens during thunderstorms or lightning storms. Still others claim to see them when they’re driving through dark areas at night or even when they’re camping out under a tree in the wilderness. Many people believe that these lights are extraterrestrial spacecraft, but other explanations exist too.

When Does This Happen?

Seeing these lights is rare. Most people never see them in their entire lives, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. If someone does see them, it’s usually by chance. Some people claim to have seen them on several occasions, but most people only see them once or twice during their lifetime.

Are Coast Lights Dangerous?

Coast Lights are not known to be dangerous. They’re more like an annoyance to some people due to the fact that they appear at random and have no explanation for their existence. Some people have compared them to a flying black cat at night. You can’t explain what it is, but you know that it’s harmless.

What Do Coast Lights Look Like?

The lights usually appear as bright star-like objects to the naked eye. However, from further away they can resemble large orange, red or green lights that move slowly across the sky. Some people even report seeing them change color at times. Others say that they’ve seen triangular and diamond shaped objects with lights all around them.

What Are They Really?

Due to the fact that people see them so rarely and have so many different descriptions for them, it’s difficult to prove what they are exactly. Some people think that they’re extra-terrestrial beings such as aliens from a distant planet. Other’s believe they’re time travelers from the future or even visitors from another dimension. No theory has been proven correct yet, and until one is, the mystery of Coast Lights continues.

What Is Known About Them?

The first known sighting of a Coast Light was made by the Second Mate on the British sailing vessel, the Drakes Dainty, in 1885. He described the object as a brightly colored light that changed from red to green and disappeared completely before it reappeared as a white light. The sighting was written in the ship’s log and the Coast Guard later dismissed it as a temporary visual impairment brought on by staring at the stars for too long.

Other sightings were made the same year, by both the crew aboard The Cynthia Jean and the captain of The Shannon Queen, but weren’t logged until several days later. Most people dismissed these sightings as mass hallucinations brought on by drinking too much hard liquor, but that didn’t explain the report made by a Royal Air Force Flight Officer, who saw a strange light in the exact location a month later. It was during this time that the British Newspaper, the Daily Colonist, began receiving letters from others claiming to have seen the lights too.

In the following years, there were even more sightings made by both professional and amateur astronomers. The lights continued to defy identification and most people dismissed them as a hazard to air travel since they were located near an area with a lot of airports and flight paths.

In 1963, the lights were officially given the name “Coast Lights” due to the fact that they were always located near water. Sightings continued to be made every few years, but it wasn’t until the late 90’s that there was a major sighting. Several people spotted a triangular shaped craft with bright lights around the perimeter. It was much larger than any man-made craft at that time. Crafts of this nature weren’t developed until ten years later.

Where Are The Coast Lights Located?

The lights are located in many different places, but they’re always found near water. Most sightings are made from large ships that pass through the coast of Canada and Alaska. They’ve also been spotted off the shore of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the Pacific Coast of the US and even down in the Falkland Islands. Sightings have been made as far south as the coast of Antarctica and as far north as the Arctic Circle.

Why Do They Appear?

As far as anyone knows, the lights are simply there to be seen. There is no proof that they are connected to any deaths or accidents, however, several disappearances are linked to their sightings. This could be because people are drawn to their strange and unusual appearance. Those who have witnessed the lights and lived to talk about them, almost always mention a feeling of awe and wonder at their appearance.

This is probably one of the reasons why people keep going back to try to see them again. This isn’t a very uncommon thing to do, as many people have gone back year after year in the hope of seeing them again. Some even schedule their vacations around the times of the year when they’re most likely to be seen.

The lights are also not picky when it comes to who sees them. They’ve been seen by Indians, miners, fishermen, ship crews, pilots…you name it. No occupation or social class seems to be excluded from those who have had sightings.

Sightings have even been made by people who were born blind.

Why Does It Seem Like Nobody Ever Gets A Good Look At Them?

This is one of the Coast Lights biggest mysteries. If they are some sort of secret US or Russian aircraft, they’re certainly well-hidden. It’s hard for anyone to get a good look at them because they seem to hover just out of view. They also tend to move around quite a bit. This has probably led to the false impression that there are multiple crafts when in fact there may only be one.

Some believe that the lights are not of this world. There are several who claim that they have seenthe occupants of the crafts. They describe them as small humanoids with large heads and slanted eyes. These sightings happened so quickly that it’s hard to tell if they’re telling the truth or not.

Are The Coast Lights Proven To Be A Natural Phenomena?

This is a common question and the answer is no, the lights are not proven to be a natural phenomenon. Nothing in nature has been found to match the characteristics of the lights. They are also known to make sudden and quick movements that would not be possible for a natural object. This is one reason why some believe they must be from another world.

Are The Coast Lights Man-Made?

The US and the Russians have been known to launch secret military satellites into orbit.

Could they be the cause of the lights?

This was a popular theory for a while, but it has since been debunked. Satellites do not have the ability to move around quickly and change direction like the lights do. The lights have also been seen without the aid of a telescope, so a satellite could not be responsible.

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The next theory is a low-flying plane. This sounds plausible at first, until you learn that there have been several attempts to follow the lights in a helicopter with no success. Even if the pilot managed to get the craft into the air fast enough to keep up, the powerful beam of light being thrown down from the craft would have made it easy to spot and track.

One theory that has been abandoned by most people is the idea that the lights are from some sort of natural phenomenon. It’s true that no one has ever duplicated their erratic movements even with the same equipment, but this hardly means they couldn’t be a naturally-occurring optical illusion. For this reason, sightings have been monitored and studied for any clue as to what they really are.

So, What Are The Coast Lights?

The lights are still a mystery. No one really knows what they are. They could be a top-secret military experiment, they could be alien spacecraft, or they could even be some natural phenomenon that has yet to be explained. Sightings continue to this day so maybe someday we will finally get an answer…if only to stop the conspiracy theories.

Well, there you have it, five of the most compelling mysteries plaguing our little corner of the world. While it’s true that none of them have been completely solved, it’s also true that people still enjoy speculating about them and that’s really what matters.

So what do you think about our little tour? Do you think I’ve left out a mystery that’s even more compelling than the ones I’ve described here?

Be sure to let me know! I’m always looking for a new topic to write about.

In the meantime, I’ll see you next time.

Drive safely.

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