Coast HL8 LED Headlamp Preview

Coast HL8 LED Headlamp Review

The Coast HL8 LED Headlamp is one of the most popular headlamps among hikers. Its bright light, good looks and easy operation make it very attractive to many people. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which lasts up to 6 hours of use. The light is powered by two CR2032 batteries (not included).

You can charge the batteries using any USB power source such as a computer or wall adapter. The light uses a single AA battery (included) so you won’t need to carry extra batteries.

As mentioned above, the light features three brightness levels: Low, Medium and High. Each level offers different color temperature settings and a strobe mode. There are no special modes for low-light conditions like night hiking or when your eyesight is poor. The light will automatically switch between the three brightness levels according to your surroundings.

The light has a compact design and weighs just 4 ounces. It’s easily carried in your backpack or pocket. The light is made out of aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and durable. The light measures 1 inch wide x 3 inches long x 0.5 inch thick and weighs 2 ounces without batteries or charger.

The head strap is adjustable and comfortable. It won’t slip off your head while you’re working, running or climbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Coast HL8 LED Headlamp have an IP code?

No, it does not.

What other colors does it come in?

It comes in black and yellow.

Can I wear glasses while using the headlamp?

You won’t have any problems wearing glasses while using this headlamp.

Can I wear a hard hat with it?

Yes, you can wear a hard hat with it although it won’t fit over the hard hat. You can also wear a helmet over it.

Does the light have a strobe setting?

Yes, there is a strobe setting accessible by holding down the on/off button for three full seconds.

Does the head lamp require an 18650 battery?

No, the headlamp uses a single AA battery which is not included.

Can it be recharged using a USB cable?

Yes, it can be charged using a micro-USB to USB cable (not included). This is very convenient as you can use any USB power source such as your laptop or cell phone charger.

Is the light waterproof?

Yes, it is water resistant although it’s not submersible. It can be rained on, splashed and even submerged to a small degree.

Is it durable?

Yes, it is very durable. The light is made with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and has a hard anodized finish. It can withstand a 4-foot drop test onto concrete.

Does it have different light modes?

The light has three color temperature settings: cool white, neutral white and warm white. There are also three brightness settings: low, medium and high.

Is the headlamp comfortable to wear?

Yes, it is very comfortable. The head strap distributes the weight so the headlamp doesn’t feel like its pulling your head down.

Does the headlamp have overheat protection?

Yes, after being used at the highest setting, the light will automatically reduce its brightness after a minute to prevent overheating. After it has cooled down, you can return to the previous setting.

Is there a way to lock the buttons on the light so they don’t get activated or change settings accidentally?

Yes, hold the on/off button for three full seconds to lock or unlock the buttons.

Does the headlamp turn on immediately when I put it on?

No, there is a three-second delay before it turns on.

Is this headlamp flicker-free?

Yes, there is no flicker at all.

Is the headlamp easily detachable so it can function as a hand held flashlight?

Yes, the headlamp is easily detachable from its strap so that you can use it as a hand-held flashlight.

Does it work when I put in an alkaline battery instead of a lithium battery?

No, this lamp is only designed to work with a lithium battery. Alkaline batteries may leak and cause damage to the light.

Is there any way to attach it to my belt so I can have both of my hands free?

Yes, you can use the elastic band on the back of the headlamp to secure it to your belt or strap. The lamp can also be hung from a nail, branch or doorknob.

Is the battery easily accessible so I can change it without having to take the lamp off?

Yes, the battery is easily accessible on the back of the lamp.

Does this lamp have a red light mode?

No, there is no red light mode.

Does this headlamp work under water?

This lamp can withstand some water but should not be used under water.

Does this headlamp have a strobe setting?

No, there is no strobe setting.

How does the headlamp compare to other brands?

We believe ours is more comfortable and versatile than other brands. We’ve taken the time to construct a light that stays in position and is lightweight and comfortable.

How do I clean the headlamp’s strap and housing?

Use warm water and soap to clean the strap and housing. You can use a toothbrush to clean any small areas. Air dry the headlamp thoroughly before using it again.

Is the headlamp washable?

No, don’t wash the headlamp. If it gets dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth.

Does the headlamp have a lost-battery alert?

Yes, if the battery is running out or completely dead, the indicator light on the side of the lamp will blink.

Can I use a rechargeable battery with this lamp?

We do not recommend using a rechargeable battery. The battery can be reused only so many times before it will no longer hold a charge.

I’m having trouble sealing the battery in the compartment, what can I do?

This usually happens if you don’t push the battery all the way in or if your hands have a lot of dirt or oil on them. Try wiping the battery and compartment clean before putting the battery in. Also make sure the battery is aligned with the indicator markings inside the compartment.

Will this headlamp fit on my child’s head?

This lamp is designed to fit adults and older children. A smaller child may be able to wear it if the lamp is not turned on or is set on the lowest setting.

Does this headlamp float?

No, the headlamp is not designed to be used underwater.

Can I leave the battery in the headlamp when it’s not in use?

It’s best to remove the battery from the headlamp between uses. If you leave it in, the battery will lose its charge over time.

How long can the headlamp remain on a single setting?

The highest setting will run for about 40 hours, the medium setting will run for about 55 hours, and the low setting will run for about 70 hours.

Will animals chew through the headband or housing of the lamp?

We haven’t seen animals chewing through our headbands, but you should be careful when wearing anything on your head like this. For added protection, spray the headlamp with an invisible pet repellent.

The elastic in the headband is coming out.

How can I fix it?

Check to see if you can spot what’s causing the problem.

Is it just stretched out from use?

If so, you can try and wash and dry it to restore its original elasticity. If you still have problems, we carry spare headbands.

Does this headlamp have a warranty?

Yes, it carries a lifetime warranty. If you have any problems, contact us for a replacement.

Can I buy a headlamp from you without purchasing any strobe lamps?

No, we do not sell the headlamp by itself. We only sell it as a combo with strobe lamps.

How can I tell when the battery needs to be changed?

You’ll know because the light will either be dimmer than it should be or the battery will no longer turn on the light.

Can I use any 3v lithium battery with this lamp?

We do not recommend using any battery other than a CR123A. Using another type of battery may cause the light to malfunction.

Is it normal for the lamp to get warm while in use?

Yes, especially when it is on the highest setting. This is perfectly normal and is no cause for concern.

Can I use the headlamp underwater?

No, this lamp is not waterproof or water resistant. It shouldn’t be used in areas where it may get wet, such as a rainy day or a swamp.

Can I take it on an airplane?

Yes, provided that the battery is removed or the battery is able to be turned off. Leaving the battery in the lamp with the switch off may cause the battery to be accidentally turned on during transport.


How can I keep my headlamp from malfunctioning?

Headlamps have many small parts that are sensitive to impact, temperature changes, and moisture. Dropping your lamp, leaving it in your car on a hot day, or getting it wet may cause it to malfunction. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, check to make sure the battery compartment is firmly closed and dry. If any moisture has built up inside, immediately wipe it down and dry it thoroughly before using it again.

How can I tell if my headlamp needs to be cleaned?

In order for your lamp to function properly, its interior mechanisms may need to be cleaned. Dust or other small debris may hinder the proper functioning of the light. If you find that the lamp is working intermittently or having lighting problems, take a can of compressed air and spray it directly into the lens and interior mechanisms of the lamp. This will remove any dirt or debris that may be causing the problem.

Will storing my headlamp in the dark or cold affect it?

No, as long as you are sure it is completely dry internally, storing your lamp in less than ideal conditions should have no effect on it.

How can I tell when my batteries need to be changed?

The batteries will no longer hold a charge and your lamp may not turn on at all when the ON/OFF button is pressed. You may also notice a dimming of the light over time. It is important to change your batteries before they die completely as the light may begin to malfunction and can cause permanent damage.


What is my headlamp’s battery life?

On Low, the battery should last over 75 hours and over 25 hours on high. Duracell claims that their 3-volt lithium battery will last up to 10 years, but we recommend replacing them once a year regardless.

Does my lamp contain any toxic materials?

There are no harmful substances within in the casing of the lamp.

Does my lamp contain a recycling program?

Duracell, Energizer and other major battery companies have recycling programs in place where you can send in your used batteries to be recycled for free. Please see our Customer Service page for details on how to send your old batteries back to Duracell for recycling and they will send you new ones for free!

Will my headlamp work with any other battery brand?

No, the lamp is not compatible with any other brand of battery. While some of the cheaper knock-offs may fit in the battery compartment, they will not provide adequate lighting when compared to Energizer or Duracell brand batteries.

My lamp seems to be dimming after an hour on high.

Is something wrong with it?

Not at all! All headlamps have a mechanism that prevents the bulb from burning out. This is normally done by reducing the flow of current to the bulb over long periods of time. This is not a malfunction.

How exactly does the focus mechanism work?

The Focus mechanism moves a curved piece of plastic back and forth in front of the beam of light to narrow or widen the beam. Over time, friction can cause the mechanism to stick. This is easily repairable and you can learn how on our How-To page.


I heard that headlamps are bad for your skin. What does that mean?

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