Choosing the Best Table Saw

Choosing the Best Table Saw: Bosch Table Saws

Bosch table saw is a popular model among DIYers and professionals alike. It’s a great tool for beginners because it comes with everything they need to get started, but it’s not so good if you want to do complicated projects like woodworking or heavy cutting jobs. If you’re looking for a table saw that will cut through thick plywood at high speed, then you’ll probably prefer the Bosch model.

However, if your goal is to make simple cuts on furniture or other hard materials, then the Bosch table saw isn’t going to work for you.

The main reason why Bosch table saws aren’t very user friendly is due to their proprietary design which makes them difficult to use properly. They have a few advantages over other table saws, but they are definitely not enough to overcome the disadvantages.


Good price point (around $200)

Very durable construction; doesn’t rust easily, even when used regularly. You can actually drop it from time to time without any damage. Also, its blade guard protects the blades from scratches.

It has a bevel table to help users make angle cuts

The motor is very powerful, so it can cut through materials quickly.

The product comes with a one-year limited warranty (from the date of purchase)

You can easily find replacement parts for this model because it’s so popular


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The dust collection system is poor at best. It’s almost like using a table saw without a guard at all.

Even though it has a powerful motor, it can only cut through soft materials. So, if you’re planning on using it to cut hardwoods or plywood, then you might be disappointed.

The design isn’t very ergonomic. It’s not necessarily hard to use, but it does take some getting used to. If you’re an inexperienced user, then expect to make a lot of mistakes when using this table saw.

There is a bit of plastic construction here and there that might give you cause for concern. However, if you take good care of the table saw and don’t drop it on a regular basis, then you probably won’t have any issues.


The overall design of the table saw is decent, but it’s certainly not the best on the market. It does come with some neat features that you won’t find on other models. However, the main problem with this table saw is its construction.

Most of it is plastic, so it’s very easy to break if you use it improperly. But again, if you’re careful with the table saw you should have no issues with it at all.

It’s a good table saw for someone who wants to get started in woodworking, but it’s not necessarily the best one for professionals. It can handle most light-duty jobs, but if you push it too hard then you might damage something.

Bosch Table Saws Under $500

Bosch has several other table saws that are priced under $500. They aren’t as popular as the model we reviewed here, but they are built very similarly.

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Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw With Laser

The 4100-09 is very similar to the one we reviewed, except it has a laser system. If you’re not familiar with this feature, it allows you to make a line on your material so you’ll know where to cut. This is very helpful for people who are probably won’t use a table saw on a regular basis.

The laser system is very easy to adjust and targets are visible from several feet away. It runs on a pair of AA batteries, which are not included with your purchase. The only major downside to this feature is that it will drain the battery fairly quickly.

So, if you’re using it a lot, you might have to switch out the batteries fairly often.

Because it’s very similar to the other model we reviewed, parts are interchangeable. So, if something breaks then you can easily replace it. Just like the other model, this one comes with a one-year limited warranty (from the date of purchase).

Budget Pick: SKIL 3581-02 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw With Folding Stand

Our budget pick is the SKIL 3581-02 10-inch contractor table saw with folding stand.

This table saw is very affordable and does everything you would need from a saw of this type. It has all the basic features and it even comes with a folding stand, so you can easily store it away when you’re not using it.

It has a 10-inch steel blade with 32 teeth. This provides clean cuts through wood, plastic, and aluminum. It also has a detachable panel for making bevel cuts up to 47 degrees.

The bevel lock knob makes it easy to adjust the settings.

The SKIL 3581-02 weighs 118 pounds, so it’s not the lightest table saw, but the folding stand makes it easy to move around. This is a very durable saw and it can easily handle repeated use. It also has a simple design that makes it easy to use.

Just turn it on and start making your cuts.

The only major issue with this model is that it doesn’t come with a miter gauge. So, you’ll need to factor in the cost of a miter gauge if you want to use this for compound cuts. It’s not a professional tool, but it’s a good choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Table Saw Tips

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Even if you’re a beginner, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when using a table saw. First and foremost, always wear your safety gear. This includes safety glasses, earplugs, and most importantly, protective gloves.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The next important thing is to make sure you read all the instructions before using your table saw. Then, check everything to make sure it’s assembled correctly and nothing is loose.

Once you’ve confirmed that everything is good to go, plug in the tool and turn it on. Always make sure to feed your material against the direction of the blade. Don’t force the material into the blade and take it slow.

When making bevel cuts, always raise the table to its highest position. Then, use a pencil to mark where the cut should be made. Lower the blade and then reposition your material and make the cut.

One important safety feature on most table saws is a splitter. This is a thin piece of wood or plastic that sits between the blade and the fence. Its sole purpose is to prevent the wood from getting caught between the blade and the fence, which can cause major injury.

It’s also very important that you don’t attempt to power through a cut.

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