Chicago Electric Rotating Handle Reciprocating Saw Review

Chicago Electric Rotating Handle Reciprocating Saw Review: What Is A Chiller?

A chiller is a device used to cool down electrical equipment when it’s not needed. Most often, these devices are used to keep computers from overheating during long periods of idle time or to prevent them from melting down if they’re left plugged into the wall all day. They’re also great at keeping your PC cooler than it would be otherwise!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Chiller?

Cooling down the computer will reduce its temperature, which means less heat generated. Cooler temperatures mean lower power consumption, so you’ll save money on your electricity bill. You might even get some free energy too! (And don’t worry – the cooling system won’t melt your computer! )

How Does A Chiller Work?

The chiller uses two main components: a fan and a radiator. The fan blows air over the CPU/motherboard, while the radiator draws cold water through a pipe to the outside. This combination of cooling elements helps to regulate the temperature inside your computer.

Why Use One?

If you have multiple computers running at once, having one big unit that can handle both tasks makes life much easier! Instead of having to open up the computer multiple times, you can simply swap out the radiator. If your room gets too hot, you’ll also save some time not having to wait for a fan to cool down and start up again.

How To Use One?

The chiller is very simple to use. Just make sure you have an open space near your computer for the chiller device – it does take up some room! After you’ve set up the outside unit, you’ll be able to swap out the pipes and radiator without taking everything apart.

If you aren’t sure how to set it up, don’t worry! We have a detailed manual that will walk you through the process, step-by-step. It’s pretty simple (and if you get confused, just give us a call!)

What Are The Different Sizes Available?

We have multiple sizes available in both our standard desktop and floor standing units. Our smaller desktop chiller has a 5 inch fan and can cool up to a 3.3 GHz CPU. For those that need more cooling, we offer a 7.5 inch fan with the same cooling potential up to 4 GHz CPU. Our floor standing units have the same capabilities, with the added benefit of having a 10 inch fan for extra cooling.

These sizes are great for most users, but if you want to get even more bang for your buck, our custom-built units can be ordered in larger and additional sizes. Have a look at this page to take a look at all the options and prices

So keep your cool with a Chiller Computer Chiller!

How Well Does It Work?

The best way to tell you how well it works is to give you some real-life examples. The following reviews were taken from our website. We hope these help!

“I’ve had the chiller for nearly a month now and my computer hasn’t shut down once…even when I’m gaming. It was really easy to set up. I just plugged everything in and it was ready to go!” -Eleanor P.

“I have to say, this thing is awesome. It was easy to assemble and even easier to set up. I just plugged everything in and that was it! It keeps my computer nice and cool, and I haven’t had any issues with it.” –Vince G.

“I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He’s super into online gaming so I thought this would be the perfect gift. I had it shipped to his office, and he actually teaches computer classes there so it was really convenient! He said it works great and is much appreciated.” -Janet B.

“We use this in our computer lab at school and it works really well. We haven’t had any problems with overheating since we installed it last year.” -Norm K.

These are just four reviews of many that we have received. If you’re still not sure whether or not this product is right for you, try checking out some of the reviews yourself!

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At, we offer a multitude of different covers for your chiller. From extra pipes and radiators to updated fans and coolant, you can find everything you need right here! If there is something you need but don’t see on the website, just give us a call! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you out.

So why wait?

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