Channellock Insulated Pliers

Channellock Insulated Pliers are a type of electric tools which have been designed with safety in mind. They were first introduced in 1884 and they are still manufactured today. They are known for their reliability and durability. These pliers have two main features: the insulating material used to make them strong enough to hold up against extreme temperatures; and the locking mechanism, which prevents them from being opened accidentally while working around electrical circuits or other dangerous situations.

The name “Channel Lock” refers to the fact that the pliers have a small opening at one end, through which only a specially made screwdriver can pass. When the screwdriver is inserted into this opening, it locks and closes the jaws of the tool so that no more force can be applied to any part of the handle. The screws holding these jaws together are held in place by a spring-loaded pin.

They are available in different sizes, but most come in the size 10mm (0.39in) or 12mm (0.45in).

Some models are sold with a special grip to prevent damage when using them on sharp objects such as nails and screws. Channel Lock Insulated Pliers are widely used for cutting wire insulation, cable ties, and many other types of wires and cables.

The brand “Channel Lock” was registered in 1919. It is owned by Apex Tool Group, which also owns other well-known brands such as Wiha, Facom, and Aircat. The company is based in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Apex Tool Group’s parent company is Ingersoll Rand. It has its headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Ingersoll Rand was established in 1871 and it has more than 53.000 employees working in more than 150 countries.

It operates in four different business sectors: climate technologies, industrial technologies, security technologies, and power technologies.

Ingersoll Rand works in various markets and with different types of products, but always with the purpose of improving people’s quality of life. The company has won several awards for its quality management and for the commitment of its employees.

The Ingersoll Rand Foundation has launched programs such as “Women in the Trades”, which helps women to enter nontraditional careers through education and mentoring. This is one way that the company gives back to the community and creates a better world for everyone.

Channel Lock tools are known around the world for their strength and precision. They have been designed for heavy-duty tasks and, at the same time, they are safe to use. Although this brand is not as well-known as some other tool manufacturers, it has a faithful and growing number of users who appreciate its high quality tools.

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The next time you need some insulating pliers, you might want to take a look at Channel Lock’s range. You will not be disappointed.

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