Channellock 89 Rescue Tool

Channellock Rescue Tool Review: Channellock 89 Rescue Tool

The Channellock Rescue Tool (or ChANNEL) was developed by the United States Forest Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to assist in the recovery of downed aircraft after World War II. These tools were designed to cut through trees and other debris while saving lives.

They are not intended for cutting through human flesh or bone, but they do have their uses when used properly.

There are two types of ChANNEL tools, one is made from hardened steel and the other is made from tempered glass. Both tools are capable of cutting through hardwood and even some softer materials such as plastic. However, the hardened version requires special care because it can cause severe cuts if not handled with extreme caution.

In addition to being able to cut through wood, the ChANNEL can also be used to cut through metal, concrete and other hard materials. There are many different models of ChANNEL tools available today. Some of them include:

• ChANNEL 90 – This model is manufactured by the American company Sargent Tools and features a hardened steel blade with a curved tip that makes it easier to work around obstacles like tree branches.

• ChANNEL 86 – Manufactured by the German company Bahco, it is one of the more popular models and is designed to work better with gloves. The blade on this tool is made with a tungsten-carbide coating.

• ChANNEL 88 – This model is also made by the Bahco Company and has a blade that can be rotated around the base of the tool to help clear away any material that may build up around the blade.

One of the most popular ChANNEL tools, though, is the ChANNEL 89 which features a hardened steel blade and a four-way blade to make cutting quicker and more efficient. These tools are bright yellow (the original one was red) so people can easily find them if they get buried or lost in the woods.

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