Bosch VAC140A Dust Extractor Review

Bosch VAC140A Dust Extractor Review: Pros & Cons


• Easy to use;

• Works well with most types of dust;

• No need for extra filters or HEPA air purifier; • No need for extra filters or HEPA air purifier; • Can work even without a fan (if needed); • Low cost compared to other options (compared to vacuum cleaner); • Very quiet when running at full speed; • Good price for such a powerful machine;


• Some users have reported problems with the motor running too fast, resulting in overheating and damage to components. If this happens, turn down the power setting.

You may want to consider buying a different model of vacuum cleaner instead; • Users report that the motors run hotter than they should when using them on hot days. They recommend purchasing a heat resistant bag.

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