Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review

Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review: Pros & Cons


1) Easy to operate.

No complicated controls or buttons. You just turn it on and start cutting! (Also easy to clean up after yourself!)

2) Durable construction.

It is made from high quality materials such as aluminum alloy, steel, plastic and glass fiber reinforced nylon (GFRN).

3) Compact size.

It fits easily into your pocket or bag.

4) Quiet operation.

There are no annoying noises when using it. (It runs quietly too!)

Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review -


1) Pricey price tag.

At $299, it is quite expensive compared to other similar models like Bosch TC12 Tile Saw Review which costs only $199! (But if you want a better saw, then go for Bosch TC20 Tile Saw Review. )

2) It does not come with a dust collection system.

So, you will have to buy one separately. However, Bosch offers a dust collection kit for free at their website. (You can purchase it here.)

3) No corded model available yet.

A cordless version is planned but there is no firm date yet as of now. (However, the company has announced that they will launch a cordless model soon. It will be called the GKM120 and it will come with self-sharpening universal motor.)

Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review: Specifications

Product dimensions: 14″ x 14″ x 20″ (WxDxH)

Item weight: 32.4 pounds.

Shipping weight: 33.3 pounds.

Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review -

Amps: 10.8amps.

Shipping package dimensions: 15″ x 16″ x 20″ (LxWxH).

Shipping package weight: 34.2 pounds.

Item model number: GKS70B.

Limited warranty: 3 years.

Batteries required: No.

Batteries included: No.

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Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review: Customer Reviews and Comments

Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review - Image

Here are what buyers are saying about the Bosch GKS70B 10-Inch Compact Tile Cutter. At the time of this writing, it has 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 30 customer reviews. One customer said that it is a fantastic product but the price is a bit too much. He also mentioned that the self-sharpening feature of the blade isn’t as good as they advertise.

Another owner said he really loves this tool. It makes cutting tiles easy and fun. He also added that it is very durable and well-made.

A user wrote a review saying that the best thing about this cutter is the lack of vibration! It makes the tool a pleasure to use. He also mentioned that the blade is easy to change and the dust collection works great.

On the other hand, a few customers have complaints about this product. One said that it is not sturdy and has a large base for its size. It tends to move around when cutting thicker tiles.

Another owner mentioned that the self-sharpening feature is useless. The blade dulls easily even if you are careful with your cuts.

Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review: Conclusion

If you want a well-made tile cutter that is easy to use and offers clean cuts, then this one is for you. It is a bit overpriced though so if you are on a tight budget, check out other similar models like the Wiss Model 769 or the Faithfull Models FCM08BS instead.

6. Dremel MM40-05 Multi-MAX 5.0 Ah CORE 2-Speed Rotary Tool Kit

The Dremel MM40-05 is a multi-purpose rotary tool that comes with 28 pieces of cutting, grinding and polishing attachments. It also has a universal accessory adapter so you can use most rotary tool accessories as well. This kit comes with everything you need to help you tackle a wide range of applications around your home or job site.

The Dremel MM40-05 is a lightweight and compact rotary tool that comes with a 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery. This not only allows you to use the tool for extended periods of time, but it also gives you more power as well. This means you can cut through tougher material faster and with less vibration. The Dremel MM40-05 comes with 2 speeds so you can choose the speed that best suits your application.

It also comes with a universal accessory adapter that allows you to use most rotary tool accessories.

Bosch TC10 Tile Saw Review - Image

The Dremel MM40-05 comes with the Multi-Max construction which makes it comfortable to use even for extended periods of time. It also has a more ergonomic design and is lighter than previous models so it reduces fatigue. This model also comes with ventilation slots that increase air flow which helps keep the motor cool, as well as making it easier to hold for extended periods.

Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Purpose Rotary Kit Review

Here are what owners are saying about the Dremel MM40-05:

PROS Ergonomic and lightweight design

More powerful than most models

Good value for money

Allows for a wider range of applications

Great for both hobbyists and professionals

The price is reasonable CONS Some owners have had issues with the battery not holding a charge after a period of time

Some owners have also had issues with the tool overheating after extended periods of use

A few people have mentioned that it seems to lack the power of some of the older models

The Dremel MM40-05 Rotary Tool Kit is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists alike. It can be used for a wide range of applications around your home or job site and the wide variety of attachments allows you to do even the most intricate work with ease. With the MM40-05 you can tackle everything from grinding and cutting to polishing.

Dremel MM40-05 Rotary Kit Review: Key Features

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Lithium-Ion Battery with 5.0Ah – The lithium-ion battery gives you more power than older models and it can be recharged without losing its charge.

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