Bosch SG25M High Torque Screwgun Preview

Bosch SG25M High Torque Screw Gun Review

The Bosch SG25M High Torque Screwgun is a high torque screwgun with a standard size head. It comes in two versions: Standard and Large Head.

The large head version costs $1,400 while the standard one costs $800. The SG25M screws are available in both metric and imperial sizes. You can read more about it here .

The Bosch SG25M High Torque Screwgun is designed for use on drywall and plaster walls. The tool can easily cut through wood, sheetrock, concrete or other materials.

Its power rating is rated at 1/2 horsepower (0.6 kW). This means that it’s capable of cutting up to 2 inches (5 cm) wide and 4 feet long (12 meters). It’s powerful enough to drive nails into wall studs without damaging them.

Bosch SG25M High Torque Screwgun Specifications

Power Rating: 0.6 HP (0.3 kW)

Torque Rating: 1/2 HP (0.4 kW) per inch (.75cm) thick material thickness (max.)

Length: 8 ft 6 in / 2.6 m

Bosch SG25M High Torque Screwgun Preview - Image

Weight: 7.7 lb / 3.5 kg (with battery)

Batteries: 0.067 kWh lithium-ion battery (1.3 Ah)

Noise Level: 85 dB(A)

While there are many quality impact and cordless drill drivers on the market, these tools all have one thing in common: they can’t be used to cut through wood studs or concrete. The blades on most saws just aren’t strong enough to withstand the heavy torque required to drill into such materials.

They’ll quickly dull or even snap if you try. This is where a high-power screw gun comes in handy. It can drill through wood and metal with ease, and with enough torque to quickly drive screws into wood, drywall and even steel.

Bosch SG25M High Torque Screw Gun Battery and Charger

This screw gun uses a 0.067 kWh (1.3 Ah) lithium-ion battery.

These batteries can last up to 4 times longer than older nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries. It takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours to charge a battery, and the charge lasts for up to 4,000 screws. There’s also a quick charger that can fully charge the battery in 60 minutes.

The Bosch screw gun comes with a 5-year warranty. It also has a built-in work light that illuminates dark workspaces, and a belt clip on the back to help you keep it handy.

The bit magazine is magnetic so you can easily pick up screws. This tool is also relatively lightweight at just 7.7 pounds, so extended use won’t wear you out. While you can use it with just one hand, it’s better to use two to get the most torque.

The SG25M is similar to DeWalt’s D25950K battery-powered screw gun. It costs around the same amount and has similar features like the belt clip and built-in light.

Bosch SG25M High Torque Screwgun Preview - Image

The only major difference is that the DeWalt version has a built-in battery meter. Another alternative is the Milwaukee 2763-22 cordless screw gun. It costs more than the others, but it’s lighter and has a built-in laser to help guide your shots.

Most of the cordless screw guns in this price range can’t compete with the power and versatility of this tool. It’s great for a wide variety of jobs, from hanging curtains to installing shelves.

While the SG25M doesn’t have as much torque as some of the more powerful cordless drill drivers, it comes with a variety of included bits so you’re ready to work right out of the box. If you need to drive heavy-duty screws into hard materials like wood or metal, this is an excellent tool to use.

Edited by Dominick Mayer, Staff Writer

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