Bosch RH328VC-36K 36V SDS-Plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer

Bosch Rhino 328VC-36K 36V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

The Bosch Rhineville 32V Rotary Hammer Drill is a high performance drill with a compact size and low price. This small, lightweight and affordable tool allows you to perform many tasks such as drilling holes, cutting wood or other materials, installing hardware and much more.

Its power comes from its powerful motor which delivers up to 1000 RPM at full speed. You can use it to drill holes, cut through metal, remove nails and other fasteners, etc. The Bosch 32V Rotary Hammer Drill is ideal for all types of jobs requiring precision work.


• Compact Size – Small enough to fit into your pocket!

• High Performance Motor – Powerful enough to drive a nail gun! (1000RPM)

• Powerful Torque – Up to 4000 lbs. torque!

(12 ft.)!!

• Durable Construction – Made of heavy duty steel. (Heavy Duty)

Bosch RH328VC-36K 36V SDS-Plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer |

• Easy To Use – Simple operation. Just turn the switch to on, and start drilling or hammering!

Advantages of Using the Bosch 32V Rotary Drill:

The price of this drill is very attractive. For your money you get a durable, high performance tool that can be used for almost any job.

You can cut through wood, metal or concrete with this rotary hammer drill. This cordless hammer drill is perfect for professionals and amateurs alike.

The hammer action can be engaged or disengaged with the flip of switch. It also has a powerful LED light for working in dark spaces.

Other features of this cordless hammer drill include:

• Variable drilling speed up to 1000 RPM

• Variable, two-speed hammering action (can also be disengaged for normal drilling)

• 12 foot pounds of torque

This powerful cordless rotary hammer drill is priced less than $300, which makes it affordable for almost any household or work place. It’s one of the most popular and widely used cordless drills in North America.

Bosch RH328VC-36K 36V SDS-Plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer at

This cordless hammer drill comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty.

The reviews on this product are very positive:

“This is the best tool I’ve purchased in a long time. I use it for my carpentry business and it saves me so much time!”

“I’m in construction and I couldn’t imagine doing my job without this tool. Saves me all types of time and money.”

“I’m a professional contractor, and I’ve been using this tool for 4 years now. It worked great when I first got it, and it still works great now.”

Bosch Bulldog 36v CORDLESS SDS+ Rotary Hammer…

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Bosch Power Tools: An Overview

Bosch is a leading manufacturer of power tools in North America and worldwide.

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