Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw

Bosch Reaxx Table Saws: What are they?

The Bosch Reaxx Table Saw is a high quality table saw with a very low price tag. It was released in 2013 and it comes with many features such as a blade guard, anti-kickback fence system, adjustable miter gauge, and much more. It’s one of the best table saws available at affordable prices.

It’s not just a cheap table saw, but it’s also a great value. You can get the Bosch Reaxx Table Saw for less than $200.00 which makes it one of the most affordable table saws on the market today.

Saw Stop JSS-MCA Table Saw Reviews: Pros & Cons Comparison

Pros Low Price Tag! Great Value! High Quality Blade Guard!

Anti-Kick Back System! Adjustable Miter Gauge!

Cons No Cartridge Replacement Option Available! No Power Cord Included!

How do I choose between Bosch Reaxx Table Saw and Saw Stop JSS-MCA Table Saw?

If you’re looking for a table saw that will last you for years, then the Bosch Reaxx Table Saw might be right for you. If you want something cheaper, then the Bosch JSS-MCA Table Saw may be better suited to your needs.

Who do you think that the JSS-MCA table saw is made for?

The JSS-MCA table saw is perfect for someone who needs a high quality table saw at an affordable price. It would be a great table saw for a hobbyist or someone who works in their own shop.

Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw: which one should you choose?

It all depends on your exact needs. Both of these table saws are good quality and both of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want something cheap, then the JSS-MCA is perfect for you. If you want something better, then the Reaxx might be a better choice.

What you need to consider is what your exact needs are. If you’re a professional who works with wood on a regular basis, then the JSS-MCA may not be for you. On the other hand, if you need to save money and still get a good table saw, then the JSS-MCA is perfect for you.

Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw: which one is better?

The answer to this question really depends on your specific needs. If you need a professional table saw that can stand up to regular abuse then the SawStop JSS-MCA is perfect for you. If you just need something cheap that will get the job done, then the Reaxx is right for you.

It’s important to remember that these saws have different purposes. The JSS-MCA is made for people who work in their garages on a regular basis. It’s made to be durable and to last for a long time.

The Reaxx is perfect for beginner woodworkers or people who just need something cheap that will do the job.

Ultimately the decision is yours and only you can decide which one is better suited to your needs. However, if you’re still having trouble deciding, you can always go with the JSS-MCA. It’s a great saw that more than a few people are happy with.

You should be able to find both of these table saws at your local home improvement store. You can also buy them online through various websites and retailers like Amazon.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, then you can compare the specifications of both of these table saws in the table below for a quick overview.


Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw - Picture


Bosch Reaxx


Blade Diameter: 24″ Blade Arbor: 5/8″ – 14″ Dimensions: 52.6 x 28.7 x 20″ Weight: 122.5 Pounds Arbor Size: 1-3/8″ Dust Port Size: 4.5″ Height, Legs Fold Up: 25.5″ Net Weight: 112 Pounds Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz Amps: 4.0 Peak Saw Blade Length: 24″ Bevel Capacity (Degrees): 50/45 Miter Capacity (Left/Right): 52.6°/44.5° Rails: Cast Iron Dust Port Size: 4.5″ Miter Slot Width: 15mm Height, Legs Folded Down: 35.5″ How much does the JSS-MCA weigh? The JSS-MCA weighs in at around 118 pounds.

This is around the same weight as most other heavy duty table saws. This shouldn’t cause any strain on your shoulders when you have to carry it to different locations. When it’s fully assembled, it’s around 35.5″ high and 25.5″ wide. The width of the table top is about 28″ with an additional 1.5″ on the left and right of the blade so you can cut longer pieces of wood.

Can you use a router with this saw?

The JSS-MCA comes with a built-in router mount in the table. This allows you to easily use your router without needing to change any settings or making any modifications to your table saw.

Is the fence accurate?

The JSS-MCA has a magnetic precision-located Fence with micro adjust. This is one of the most accurate fences that you can get on a table saw of this price range. It allows you to make extremely accurate cuts without any issues.

Is it easy to use?

Overall, yes. However, there are some things that can be a bit confusing if you’ve never used a more professional table saw before. It’s definitely important to read the manual and familiarize yourself with the saw before using it for the first time.

What are people’s general opinions of it?

Overall, people who have bought and used the JSS-MCA have had only good things to say about it. Most people say that it’s very well built and can handle intense cuts without any warping or problems. The fence is also a big hit and people are impressed by how accurate it can be.

The downsides of this saw are few and far between. Some people have experienced broken parts during shipping, but that’s pretty much expected with any product nowadays. Just make sure you buy it from a seller with a good return policy in case anything is broken or defective.

Besides a few shipping issues, some people don’t like the plastic wingnuts that it comes with. It’s best to invest in some quality wingnuts as replacements as the plastic ones are known to strip or break fairly easily.

Are there any compatible upgrades for it?

There aren’t many upgrades available for this saw since it’s still pretty new on the market. Some people have created their own mods and hacks to improve certain aspects of the saw, but there isn’t anything that is straight from the manufacturer.

How durable is it?

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