Bosch Nail Strike Spade Bits

Bosch Nail Strike Bit:

The Bosch Nail Strike Bit is one of the most popular bits for woodworking. It is used for drilling holes into wood. It consists of two parts; a striking head which strikes against the wood, and a cutting head which cuts through it with ease. The bit’s design allows it to work well in all types of hardwoods such as maple, walnut, ash or cherry.

In addition to its use in woodworking, the bit is also used for other applications such as plumbing, metal fabrication and even automotive repair. The bit is made from hardened steel and comes in various sizes ranging from 1/2″ up to 5″. The bit is available in several colors including black, red, green and blue.

Nail Strike Bit:

A nail strike bit is a type of spade bit where the cutting head is attached to a nail instead of a spindle. A common example would be the Bosch Nail Strike Bit. When using this type of bit, the point of impact is directly on top of the nail rather than being slightly behind it. Because there are no teeth in this case, it works better when drilling holes into wood. It tends to sheer the nail when used on metal or masonry.


The bit is available in two different types: the standard or premium. The standard bit is less expensive than its premium counterpart and is generally less durable. It can be used for most applications, but it is not recommended for heavy duty work such as construction. The premium version is more expensive but has a longer lifespan and a higher performance level. It is generally used by professionals or in situations where the work requires greater precision.

It is important to oil the bit before and after use, especially when working with hardwoods such as oak or maple. Failure to do so can result in severe damage to the bit, potentially causing it to snap in half. Drilling in hard or frozen wood can also cause the bit to snap due to the excessive stress placed on it.

Bosch Nail Strike Bits are used in a wide range of applications, from general construction to everyday home repairs. The bits are designed for accuracy, ease of use and superior performance. If you’re looking for a solid drill bit for your next project, you can’t go wrong with a set of these.


Bosch Nail Strike Spade Bits on

The bit is 7/8″ in diameter and features a solid 3-3/4″ long one-piece construction. It is mainly used for drilling into wood, but it can also be used for drilling into masonry and metal. The cutting head is designed with 16 nail-penetrating hexagonal pockets. It has a center bolt to align with the drill’s chuck or arbor and 4 stabilizer fins to reduce drill torque. The hexagonal design allows for easy hole starting and more precise alignment.

The bit can be used in a hand brace, portable drill or drill press. It can be used in soft or hard woods such as pine, oak or mahogany. However, it should not be used on harder woods such as ash or birch. When using the bit on harder woods, the bit is more likely to break.

The bit is relatively easy to use.

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