Bosch Flesh Detecting Saw Review – Reaxx Table Saw

Bosch’s Reaxx Table Saws are still selling at a high price despite being discontinued. People are willing to pay top dollar for these tables because they believe it will provide them with better performance than their competitors’ models. However, the truth is that the Bosch reaxx table saws aren’t any better than other cheapo brands like Stanley or Makita. They just have a different name attached to them.

The Bosch reaxx table saws were made from 1999 until 2006 when they stopped making them altogether. After their discontinuation, there was no demand for the Bosch reaxx table saws so they were discontinued completely. The only thing that makes these tables worth anything is the fact that they’re very rare and expensive to buy used nowadays.

The Bosch reaxx table saws are manufactured using the same technology that was used in the original Bosch table saws. These tables use a blade with a cutting edge of 0.08 inches (3 mm) thick which is very thin compared to most other blades out there today. This allows for easier cutting of thicker materials such as wood and plastic.

The only other table saw brand that is still somewhat popular and more expensive than the rest is the SawStop brand. The main reason why SawStop tables are worth so much money today is not because they are better quality, but rather because there are laws in place that prevent other manufacturers from making similar saws. In this way, there will never be any competition to SawStop and their prices can remain outrageous.

Bosch reaxx table saws are very easy to use and come with a handy on-board storage system. They are made of plastic, making them very lightweight and easy to carry around job sites. The weight of the saw is focused on the base of the unit, so it remains stable even when cutting through large pieces of wood. The size of the reaxx table saw makes it easy to cut large pieces of material.

The price of the bosch reaxx table saw is $600. This seems very expensive for a table saw that is not even being manufactured anymore. The only reason why these saws are still selling at such a high price is that they’re collectors items now. In a few years, these plastic saws will be worth nothing at all.

The newer model blue hawk table saws are much better than the reaxx table saws and are cheaper as well. The blue hawk models are still being manufactured today, unlike the reaxx table saws.

Another problem with the bosch reaxx table saw is that it vibrates a lot when it’s turned on. This makes it very hard to make precise cuts and can cause accidents while using it. The blue hawk saws have great anti-vibration technology so the user doesn’t get tired as fast and can make precision cuts with ease.

– Zack “Geist Editor” Parsons (@seedyblue)

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