Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw Kit 1640VSK Preview

Bosch 1640vSK Review

The Bosch 1640vSK is a powerful cutting tool with a price tag of $2,500.00. Its blade length is 15 inches and its weight is 1,200 pounds (450 kg).

It’s designed to cut through wood or plastic without damaging them at all. The blade comes with two different types of teeth: straight and serrated. The serrations are sharpened so they can easily slice through soft materials like leather or fabric.

The Bosch 1640vSK is equipped with a carbon steel blade and an aluminum handle made from high strength polymer. The aluminum handle allows it to be used comfortably even when wet. A quick release mechanism makes it easy to change the blade between various sizes.

The Bosch 1640vSK is a great tool for woodworking. It cuts through hard woods like maple, ash, birch and poplar with ease. You’ll love how well it handles your delicate work.

If you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime, then the Bosch 1640vSK might just be what you need!

The following are some of the features of the tool:

It’s easy to control and maneuver. The blade is well balanced and provides smooth cutting action. It’s affordable and you can use it both for personal or professional use.

Handsaws tend to be less expensive than other saws on the market.

Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw Kit 1640VSK Preview -

It comes with a nice carrying case, perfect for transporting the tool from one job site to the next. The case also provides a safe place to store the tool when it’s not in use.

It’s an efficient cutting tool that you can use for hours on end without getting tired. It feels comfortable in your hands and it has just the right weight so you can maneuver it around with ease.

The 1640vSK has numerous other uses, including pruning trees, cutting thick branches or logs, or even cleaning up after a storm. It’s versatile and convenient, and a perfect addition to any toolbox or work site.

If you’re looking for an efficient wood cutting tool that gets the job done right every time then look no further than the 1640vSK. Whether you’re a wood-working professional or a part-time hobbyist this tool will meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations. A little caution is advised since this is a very sharp tool, but with some practice you’ll be well on your way to mastering it in no time.

Bosch 1640vSK Kit

The 1640vSK is a great wood cutting kit that comes with everything you need to get started. It includes:

110 Volt or 12 Volt Max Li-Ion battery (requires 2 of each). The batteries can last for as long as 8 hours when they’re fully charged.

Blade Tension Gauge. This allows you to easily see if the blade is tight enough or too tight. It also helps you set the blade tension when changing blades.

Battery Charger. This charges the two Li-Ion batteries (requires 2).

Flexible Shaft. This is a 5 foot piece of sturdy plastic that you can use to guide the blade and help it make smoother, more precise cuts.

The kit doesn’t require any other tools to get started. The carrying case is easy to move around since it has large wheels on the bottom and a comfortable grip on top. You can easily change the blades since they have a quick release mechanism.

They even have their own special storage area in the bottom of the tool box to prevent them from getting damaged. You can adjust the depth and angle of cut. This allows you to make an assortment of precise cuts that are very accurate.

The kit comes with a detailed manual that makes it easy to learn how to get started. It comes with useful information that will help you make the right cuts and avoid cutting in the wrong direction. The battery life indicator makes it easy to see how much power you have left before you need to recharge.

What Do I Do With It?

The 1640vSK is a powerful cutting tool that’s perfect for a wide range of jobs. You can use it to cut through thick tree branches, trim hedges, or prune bushes. It’s easy to maneuver and can easily cut through wood with its durable metal blade. You can also use it for more delicate applications like shaping or carving wood. It makes clean cuts every time and prevents splintering so your finished product is long lasting and high quality.

Who Can Use It?

The 1640vSK is a versatile tool that’s easy to use. Since it only weighs 3.7 pounds there’s no need for a special license or permit to carry or operate it. Its compact size means that it’s easy to carry around the work site. It can cut through materials that are up to 5 inches thick, so it’s perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike. Since it doesn’t require any fueling or power of any kind it can be used just about anywhere. The precision machining and metal gears ensure that it lasts for years to come with little to no maintenance required.

Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw Kit 1640VSK Preview - Picture

The unit has a safety switch to prevent the motor from coming on if the tool is dropped or knocked around a lot. To prevent injuries the blade will stop spinning within 5 seconds of releasing the trigger. The carrying case helps protect the blade from damage when it’s not in use.

It also includes a blade storage rack that keeps all of the blades organized and within easy reach.

What’s This Tool Made Of?

The body of the circular saw is made of metal for extra durability. It has a rubber grip on the top and front face to help prevent slippage and added comfort. The base is solid and durable so it stays in place when in use. There’s also a detachable extension arm for varied cutting heights. It can range from cutting materials 0.8 inches thick all the way up to 5 inches thick.

The blade is made of sturdy metal that’s durable enough to withstand the rigors of frequent use. The teeth are small and thin so they’ll easily cut through hard materials for smooth, even results. The design allows for fast and efficient trimming and shaping without creating a lot of sawdust or residue.


Has an automatic brake that stops the blade within 5 seconds after you release the trigger.

The large trigger and smaller handle provide a comfortable grip for easy control.

The carrying case is durable and well-equipped to store the blade, allen keys, and other attachments.

The design of the case makes it easy to carry around the work site.

The kit includes a detachable extension arm to accommodate a range of cutting depths.

You can cut through materials that are up to 5 inches thick for added versatility.

The extended length of the arm makes it easy to access hard-to-reach places.

The kit comes with a total of 2 blades, one for wood and one for non-ferrous metals.

Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw Kit 1640VSK Preview - Image

It’s easy to change the blade out since you just slide it on and lock it into place. There’s even a rack to keep all the blades organized so you can find the right one as needed.

It has a large foot plate that provides excellent stability so you can make precise cuts without the need to hold the saw back.

The base is wide for extra stability so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around when in use.

The length of the power cord is 9.8 feet which gives you lots of range as you work.

The smaller size makes it easy to store away when not in use.


When you first start using it the blade has a tendency to wobble back and forth. You can tighten the allen screw on the side to decrease this, but that means you sacrifice some of the range of motion.

The smaller handle can make it uncomfortable after extended use. It would be better if they had added some kind of padding.

The blade vibrates quite a bit when in use so it’s best to wear gloves to prevent hand fatigue.

The foot plate is a bit on the small side so you can’t always get good leverage. You have to stand slightly to the side when making longer cuts.

Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw Kit 1640VSK Preview - Picture

There’s only one blade that’s included with the kit so you’ll have to purchase additional blades as needed.

It can be tricky to change out the blade since you have to make sure you line everything up perfectly. You can easily damage the blade if you don’t.

The Verdict

This is a great circular saw kit for those that already have some experience working with power tools. It’s not going to be the best choice for a beginner since it takes some know-how to work with one of these.

It has a sturdy design that’s better suited for someone that does this for a living. All the same, it’s good to have some experience with an oscillating tool before taking this one out for a spin.

Since it’s more ideal for an experienced user, this is going to be one of the more expensive options on our list. However, it’s still cheaper than hiring someone else to do the job so you’ll at least end up saving some money in the long run.

Overall, this is a great option for anyone that needs to make precise cuts of a variety of materials on a regular basis. We would recommend this kit for anyone that likes to weld, cut metal on a regular basis, or likes to do remodeling work around the house.

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