Bosch Dual 18V and 12V Battery Charger – Dual-Bay GAX1218V-30

Bosch 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Charger GAX1218V-30

The Bosch 18 volt lithium ion battery charger GAX1218V-30 is one of the most popular battery chargers among electric bikes. It is also known as the “battery pack” or “bike power” charger.

You can charge your electric bike with it from any convenient source like a wall outlet, car cigarette lighter socket, or even a portable generator!

It is a dual-bay charger which means it can charge two batteries at once. This makes it perfect for charging two batteries simultaneously when using a single battery pack such as the Bosch Bafang or the Bosch BBS02.

It will also work well if you have other types of rechargeable batteries such as NiMH, LiFePO4, alkaline, nickel cadmium (NiCd), etc.

GAX1218V-30 is capable of charging up to 10 cells at a time. It comes with a USB port so you can charge your phone or laptop while riding.

There are three different settings: Fast Charge, Normal Charge and Sleep Mode. When fast charging is selected, the charger will charge all of its internal components in just under 4 hours. When normal charging is selected, the charger will take approximately 2 hours to fully charge each cell. If you want to keep the batteries at their peak level without over- charging them, Sleep Mode is what you need. You can set the exact percentage of battery charge that you want the charger to maintain when in Sleep Mode. Batteries must be placed in the charger first before Sleep Mode can be accessed.

Some other features are:

The LCD charge indicator displays the state of charge for each battery as well as the status of its internal microprocessor and cooling fan.

It has a built-in fan to keep both the charger and the battery cool while charging.

Bosch Dual 18V and 12V Battery Charger – Dual-Bay GAX1218V-30 -

The fan will turn on automatically if the charger gets too hot or if the batteries are not placed in the charger properly, which could cause a fire hazard.

It has reverse-polarity protection meaning that it will not get damaged if you accidentally connect it backwards to the battery.

If you don’t use the charger for an extended period of time, it goes automatically into a sleep mode to save energy.

It works with any 18V or 12V battery.

Because of its ability to maintain the peak charge and coolness of the battery in order to prevent battery damage, this charger is also excellent for maintaining previously charged batteries. It can be used as an affordable replacement for the original charger that comes with the e-bike or electric car.

If you are in the market for a new battery charger, why not get this one for your e-bike?

It is an affordable and high-performance charger that just about anyone can afford!

We carry various types and brands of battery chargers for electric bikes. All you need is an electric bike kit or a motor for your bike and you are ready to go!

We also offer free advice on which battery charger would be best for your e-bike or electric bike project so don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.


Input Voltage: AC100-240V

Output Voltage: DC24V

Charge Mode: Automatic/Fast Charge/Normal Charge/ Sleep Mode

Charging Current: 4.35A(Fast Charge)/2.05A(Normal Charge)/0.67A(Sleep Mode)

Bosch Dual 18V and 12V Battery Charger – Dual-Bay GAX1218V-30 - Picture

Discharge Current: 1.1A

Battery Type: Li-ion, Ni-MH, NiCd

No Load Speed: 0-400rpm (Manual Mode), 0-1100rpm (Electric Mode)

Load Speed: 0-400rpm (Manual Mode), 0-1100rpm (Electric Mode)

Cooling Fan: 12V/0.2A


1x Charger

1x Power Cable

1x English Manual

Battery Charger Fit for E-bike/Electric Bike (18650, 26650,14500, 14650, 17355)

Bosch Dual 18V and 12V Battery Charger – Dual-Bay GAX1218V-30 |

For people who have e-bikes or electric bikes with a 36V or 48V battery. This is the charger you need to charge your battery!

Just plug it into the wall and charge your battery through the cigarette lighter style connector. This one has a very fast charge and will completely charge your battery in about 1-2 hours.

If you don’t have a battery, you can order one from here: 36V E-Bike Battery

Charger Specifications:

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Output: DC 32V 3A

Note: Make sure the charger color (Black or Red) matches the color of your battery. The Black charger is for a 36V battery.

The Red charger is for the 48V battery. You can get both colors in a combo pack as well to charge both types of batteries here: E-Bike Charger Combo

The charger will not work without the proper battery plugged in as the charger is designed specifically for this battery.

The charger has an LED indicator light that will turn from red to green when the battery is fully charged and ready to be unplugged.

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