Bosch DH1020VC SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Review

Bosch DH1020VC SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Review:

Bosch Dh1020VCS Demo Hammer Drill Specifications:

Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg)

Length: 4″ (102 mm)

Diameter at widest point: 0.5″ (12.7 mm)

Material: Steel

Finish: Black oxide finish with chrome plating

Bosch DH1020VC SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Review:

The Bosch demo hammer is a very popular tool among professional demolition experts. These hammers are used to cut through steel beams and other structural materials. They have been designed to provide maximum strength while minimizing weight. The Bosch demo hammer is available in several sizes ranging from small models up to large ones.

All Bosch demo hammers come with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material. This small tool may look light, but it can cut through a 1.75 inch steel beam in a matter of seconds.

The head of the hammer is forged and heat-treated to increase its strength and durability as well as give it a long lasting black oxide finish with chrome plating. The handle is made of plastic, but it has been extruded and then overmolded for maximum strength. It is also designed to remain comfortable even after using the tool for extended periods of time. The handle also features a soft rubber over-mold that ensures the user’s hand remains comfortable even when striking hard materials.

The small size of the tool makes it easy to use in tight spaces where a larger tool would not be able to go.

The hammer’s metal is forged and heat treated for maximum strength.

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The hammer’s handle is constructed from plastic which provides a strong, yet lightweight, material.

The over-molded rubber soft grip provides a comfortable surface for prolonged use.

The hammer head is designed with an angled tip to allow for easier penetration into different materials.

The tool comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

This tool can be used to drive staples, pins, or nails into wood as well as masonry and metal. The pointed tip can be used to make small holes in wood for nail or staple insertion. The flat back of the head can be used for general chiseling and scraping.

The pointed tip can also be used to spread snipes. The pointed tip can be driven into masonry or concrete and then levered to lever out a piece. This is a great method for breaking small pieces from tiles, bricks, or stone when doing repairs or remodeling work.

This small sized hammer drill is one of the more popular models, but the company also makes larger hammers for those doing demolition work on larger structures. The larger sizes are capable of cutting through several inches of steel beam.

Overall this tool provides power, speed, and versatility in a lightweight, easy to use package.

The angled tip is designed to allow for better penetration into various materials.

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Hammers, especially larger ones, can easily ruin a nail set, so this model comes with a plastic sleeve that slides over the head of the tool to protect the hammer face.

The face can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. The sleeve can also be removed for heavier work or left on for lighter work.

The side of the hammer features an indent which can be used as a screwdriver or putty knife depending on what you need it for.

With enough force behind it, the back of the hammer can be used to break through glass or other materials.

The handle is short enough that you can use it in tighter spaces and control it easier when compared to a longer handled model.

The size and weight of the hammer allows you to use it for extended periods of time without straining your hand or arm.

This tool is one of the most popular models in use around the world. It has a long enough handle that you can keep a safe distance from whatever you’re hitting, but it isn’t so long that it becomes unwieldy in close quarter areas.

The hammer is large enough to get the force behind it necessary for harder materials, but small enough that you can control it without causing too much collateral damage.

Many people find themselves reaching for this tool when working on various projects around the house.

The head is forged and heat treated for extra strength. While this model doesn’t have the hardened steel face of the larger demolition hammers, it can easily take care of normal household tasks.

The pointed tip can be used for tasks besides driving nails. The flat face on the back can be used for things like chipping away at wood, breaking tiles, or scraping paint.

This traditional style claw hammer has been a mainstay in toolboxes for generations. It isn’t the only type of hammer that you’ll find in toolkits, but it is one of the most common.

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This small sledge is forged from one solid piece of steel. The flat, faces and the curved, claw end, are both heat treated for extra strength. The long handle is made from hardwood and is securely fastened to the head with three rivets.

This is one of the smallest sledgehammers we sell. It isn’t quite big enough to be used for proper forging or demolition work, but it is small enough to get into tighter spaces when doing more precision work.

The curved claw on opposite end is perfect for pulling nails, or even for digging under certain circumstances.

A sledgehammer is a half measure for tearing down walls and may not always be enough to get the job done. However, it can make quick work of almost any other task.

It isn’t designed for fine work, but this tool is certainly capable of it when necessary.

The flat end of the axe can be used for hammering. The blade edge can be used for cutting and chopping.

This style of axe is very old, but it is just as relevant today as it was centuries ago.

The straight handle and small head keeps this tool from getting caught up on any limbs or undergrowth when hacking through brush. It can also be easily used one-handed.

There are smaller and larger versions of this tool, so it can be used by just about anyone. The small size is perfect for people that travel a lot or simply want a lightweight tool for travelling.

It isn’t the prettiest tool, or the fanciest, but it certainly gets the job done.

The curved blade is great for cutting through wood and the flat back end can be used to hammer against. It isn’t the best choice for hammering, but it’s better than using your hand.

This saw is perfect for quickly cutting down small trees and branches. It also works great on thick or hard to reach branches.

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The length of the blade makes this a little tougher to use in tighter areas or against the grain, but the sharp teeth more than make up for that.

The chainsaw is a popular tool for people that have to clear out a lot of heavy brush. While it can be dangerous to the inexperienced, it isn’t too difficult to use if you know what you’re doing. Just don’t ask us how we know!

This axe isn’t just for chopping trees. The flat back end makes it perfect for hammering in nails when building things. The wide blade is also useful for cutting through smaller branches or brush.

The axe is one of the oldest tools still in use today. There really isn’t much this tool can’t do, at least in the hands of someone that knows how to use it.

This pickaxe is good for breaking up dirt, rocks, and other hard surfaces. It may not be ideal for mining, but it certainly makes digging holes a lot quicker than using a shovel.

The pick is one of the oldest mining tools still in use today.

This shovel has a wide, flat blade that is perfect for moving large quantities of dirt, sand and other loose material. It isn’t meant for chopping or stabbing.

The shovel is one of the oldest tools still in use today. A sturdy tool for digging and moving earth around, it certainly helps with building a proper homestead.

This water pump is powered by a hand crank on the side. It isn’t the fastest pump in the world, but it gets the job done. Some people even claim that the water tastes better coming out of this model.

The windmill can provide hours of free power with no maintenance required! Of course, it can’t power the entire house, but it helps when the electricity is shut off.

This windmill gathers the power of the wind to turn the blades which can be used to pump water.

This generator is fueled by propane and burns very clean. It doesn’t produce quite as much electricity as a diesel generator, but it’s a lot cleaner and easier to get.

A generator is a great thing to have when the power grid goes down. This one runs on diesel fuel and can provide hours of electricity.

This wind turbine provides clean electricity without the need for fuel. It can power most of the house in a normal wind, but it does need some battery backup when the wind dies down.

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A wind generator is a great way to take advantage of free energy. This one is large enough to power all of the house, given typical wind conditions.

The water tank provides an endless source of water so you don’t have to worry about it for the most part. Of course, you still need to go check it every now and then to make sure there aren’t any holes.

The batteries are needed to store energy from the solar panels and wind turbine. This allows you to have power at night or when the wind isn’t blowing. A smaller battery would work as well, but wouldn’t last as long since you’d have to keep draining it.

This compact greenhouse allows you to grow fruit and vegetables all year round indoors. It is solar powered so it never uses electricity.

This well has a hand pump on it so you don’t need electricity or batteries to get the water up. It’s reliable, but slow and tiring to use.

This large tank contains hundreds of gallons of fresh water that can be used for anything. It’s heavy so it requires reinforcement to keep from damaging the foundation.

This bundle of wires will allow you to hook up several items to the generators. It includes a fuse box to manage the power distribution.

A wood stove is a safe way to heat the house whether you’re using electricity or not. It also helps conserve energy and use it more efficiently.

Storing water in 55 gallon drums allows you to use them just like you would any other container, but they hold quite a bit more.

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