Bosch Daredevil Multipurpose Drill Bits

Bosch Daredevil Multi Purpose Drill Bit Set

The Bosch Daredevil Multipurpose Drill Bits are designed for those who want to do everything from drilling holes in concrete floors or building foundations to removing loose insulation and installing new wiring. They’re ideal for anyone with limited experience using hand tools, but still wants to have a working machine at their disposal.

These bits come complete with all necessary hardware, so there’s no need to worry about finding anything else when you get started.

They’re made of high quality aluminum alloy, which means they’ll last longer than other drill bits on the market. They’re also available in various colors, including black, blue, green, red and white.

You can even choose between two different sizes: the 5/16″ size fits most standard hole saws while the 3/8″ size will fit some larger jigs and routers.

Each one comes with a wrench, a drill bit holder, instructions and a protective pouch. If you’re looking for something simple to use, these bits might just be what you’ve been searching for.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, then look elsewhere; these bits aren’t meant to replace your own hands. But if you don’t mind spending time learning how to use them properly, then they could prove useful down the road.

The first impression you will get when working with the bits is that they are very heavy duty and easy to use. The onboard wrench is large and easy to grab, and the bit itself is very well-balanced.

It takes a little practice to get used to their weight, but once you get the hang of it, drilling with them is a breeze.

Using them on MDF and other softwood materials works just fine. You’ll need to apply more pressure than you would with cheaper bits, but it isn’t excessive.

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You should never push too hard on any drill bit anyway, as this could cause the bit to bind up or even break.

These bits can also be used for drilling into concrete and other hard surface floors. They don’t bog down at all, and because the edges are reinforced you don’t have to worry about them getting chipped or damaged while in use.

This is a real convenience, as you won’t have to worry about picking up another bit if you need to make an adjustment.

The color coding system that the manufacturer uses is also a nice touch. This isn’t really important in most circumstances, but it can save you a little time if you are trying to drill through several surfaces in a specific order.

As far as negatives are concerned, we didn’t notice any major flaws with this particular bit set. They work exactly as advertised and there weren’t any real breakages or defects from normal use.

The only real downside that we can see is the price. These bits are more expensive than most other bit sets, even if you were to buy high-end bits individually. Of course, if you know that you’ll be using these types of bits often, it might be worth the investment to save yourself some hassle and frustration later.

Solid Aluminum Drill Bits

Drill bits are one of those tools you don’t give much thought to until you need one, at which point you realize that you don’t have any and need to get some. If you’re in the market for some new drill bits, then this set from Rockwell is definitely worth considering.

It has a nice solid construction and comes at a great bargain price.

These bits are manufactured with solid aluminum and diamond-encrusted cutting edges. They are designed to cut through a variety of different materials including wood, plastic, aluminum, tile, and metal.

Bosch Daredevil Multipurpose Drill Bits - Image

The diamond coating helps the bits retain their edge and makes them more resistant to heat and corrosion. The bits also have a nice rubber grip for precise control.

The set includes multiple sizes of drill bits ranging from 1/16″ up to 1″. This should be enough to handle most basic jobs around the house.

There are other sizes available separately if you need them.

The bits are also color coded for easy identification. This can come in handy if you need to drill into various materials in a certain order.

Otherwise, the color coding isn’t really necessary, as the bits are clearly marked with their size.

The only major drawback of this set is that the bits do not have the same weight or feel as more expensive ones. This doesn’t make them any less effective for their purpose, but it is worth mentioning.

If you are used to the high-end expensive bits, you may not like the lighter weight of these. Other than that, we don’t have any major complaints about this set and find it to be a great value.

Best Wood Drill Bits

If you do a lot of woodworking, then you know how hard it can be to find the right drill bit. There are so many different types of wood, each with their own special requirements.

This five-piece set from Worldwise can handle just about any woodworking job you have, whether it be big or small.

Each bit in this set has a tapered design that helps to prevent the bit from snagging and splintering your workpiece. The bits are also designed to cut on the pull stroke so there is less friction and heat build-up.

This helps to extend the life of the bit.

The bits are made with a spiral design that helps to eliminate wobble and provide a cleaner hole. This can help prevent splintering and make for a more professional appearance.

Bosch Daredevil Multipurpose Drill Bits at

The set includes the 3 most common wood bits that you are likely to need. They are:

Spade Bit – Used for drilling flat-bottom holes, such as for hinges or locks.

Countersink Bit – Helps to countersink the hole left by the spade bit, making for a cleaner look.

Pilot Bit – Cuts the first groove to guide the other bits.

These three bits should be more than enough for most woodworking jobs. The bits are made with hardwood and designed to work on just about any type of wood.

This is a great starter set for hobbyist woodworkers. The bits are of good quality and should last as long as you don’t try to drill through steel with them.

If you find that you need additional bits, this set is compatible with all of the other Worldwise bit sets available on Amazon.

What Occasions Call For Drill Bits?

Drill bits come in all shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of different jobs. We have listed just a few common uses below.

Woodworking – Drill bits with a tapered design are great for drilling holes in wood. Some bits include extra features such as a fluting design to prevent splintering.

Metal – Higher quality metal bits are designed to drill holes in metal. These are great for everything from installing cabinet hardware to hanging a picture frame.

Concrete – A diamond hole saw can cut through concrete and stone with ease. Just remember to use water to keep the bit cool while drilling.

Tile – A masonry bit is used to drill holes in tile and other brittle materials. These are designed to not shatter or break the material.

These are just a few of the many different types of drill bits available. Whether you are doing some home improvement or having some custom cabinets installed, odds are you are going to need a few drill bits.

Now that you have read about the different types available and how they are used, you should be able to find the right ones for your next project.

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