Bosch CS5 7-1/4″ Left-Blade Circular Saw Preview

Bosch CS5 7-1/4″ Left Blade Circular Saw Review: Pros & Cons


• Easy to operate with a simple push button control.

• A good value for money. The price is not too high and it offers great performance at an affordable price. You will get a lot of use out of it even if you are just using it occasionally.

• Good ergonomics. The handle is comfortable to hold and maneuver around. It feels like it would last forever without any maintenance needed.

• Great power output when used properly. This circular saw has a powerful motor which makes it capable of cutting through material with ease.

• Comes with a carrying case. This case is made from heavy duty plastic and comes with two storage compartments for your tools.


• No dust collection system included in the package. Dust collection systems are very expensive so you may want to purchase one separately or buy a separate dust collector for this model.

Bosch is one of the most popular power tool manufacturers in the world. They have a wide range of outstanding products which are known for their high quality and great pricing. This circular saw is no different.

Bosch cs5 vs cs10

The main difference between the two models is that the Cs10 has an additional feature which allows you to cut material vertically as well as horizontally. The Cs10 also has a longer blade of 10 inches.

Bosch cs5 circular saw review

Bosch CS5 7-1/4″ Left-Blade Circular Saw Preview on

The BOSCH CS5 is a very popular model. It is known for its ability to make cuts quickly and efficiently. Although it doesn’t come with a dust collection system you can easily remedy that by picking one up separately or making one yourself.

The carry case this saw comes with is a great feature that helps organize all your tools and keep them from getting damaged when you are on the job. This saw is a powerful corded circular saw that is capable of cutting through material with ease.

Bosch cs10 circular saw review

The BOSCH CS10 is a popular model as well. It is very similar to the BOSCH Cs5 but it has an additional feature which allows you to make vertical cuts as well. This feature can be very helpful if you are using this saw on a regular basis.

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