Bosch Colt Palm Router Combo Kit Review

Bosch Colt Router Review:

The Bosch colt router is one of the most popular routers among home users. Its popularity is due to its low price and ease of use. If you are looking for a good quality router, then you have come to right place because there are many different types of Bosch colts available in the market today. Some of them are the cheap models, some high end ones and some even made in China!

If you want to buy a Bosch colt, then you will need to make sure that it meets your requirements. You might think that this is not too difficult but actually it is very easy if you follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Choose the model which best suits your needs:

There are various types of Bosch colts available in the market today and they all meet certain criteria. The main criterion is the number of bits per inch (BPI). There are two types of BPI; 1/8″ and 3/16″. Most of the routers sold in the market today are equipped with a 1/8″ bit so you cannot go wrong buying such a router.

If you are a professional carpenter or work with wood on a regular basis then you may want to buy a 3/16″ router. These types of routers are more expensive because they can deal with tougher materials, but they are heavier in weight and not as maneuverable when working with smaller pieces of wood.

2) Choose the router based on your budget:

The second thing that you need to think about is your budget. As we just mentioned above, the type of model you buy will depend on your budget. If you are not a professional and only work with wood as a hobby, then you do not need to buy a top of the line, heavy duty model.

You can choose a cheaper model which still does an excellent job. Check out the prices online at various websites and make your decision based upon price.

3) Brand new or second hand:

If you have a limited budget, then you may want to consider buying a second hand model. Obviously, when buying a second hand tool, you will need to exercise more caution and thoroughly check the tool for damage before buying it. eBay is an excellent resource for buying second hand tools at bargain prices.

4) Accessories Matter:

Just like with most power tools, you can purchase all sorts of accessories and attachments for a router. If you already own a router then you probably know what these things do. However, if you are new to this and still don’t know much about routers, then you may want to learn more before buying one.

For example, some routers come with a template guide which helps you to cut out shapes in wood or other materials. Other attachments can be used for decorative purposes such as making bead boards or rounding the edges of wood.

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5) Consider the Warranty:

Always check the warranty information before buying the router. Even if you are buying a new model, you will want to check whether the warranty is valid in your country. If not, you can still make a claim if there is a problem with your tool but you will have to send it back to the manufacturer, which might be costly.

For used tools, it is unlikely that the warranty will be valid, but you can try checking for yourself. Having a warranty means that you can get the tool repaired or replaced if there is a fault or if it gets damaged.

6) Brand vs Generic:

When you visit a store to buy a router, you will find that there are lots of different brands and models to choose from. One question you may want to ask yourself is whether you should buy a well-known brand or whether a generic model will do just as well.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question and it all depends on what you are looking for. One advantage of buying a more popular brand such as Bosch, Hitachi or Makita is that the spare parts are easier to obtain.

If you need a replacement part, you may have difficulty sourcing it for a lesser known brand. On the other hand, generic models are often cheaper so you could save money in the long run.

Buying your router

When buying your router, follow the tips we have provided and you will be able to select the right tool for your requirements. Take your time, do your research and above all else make sure that you buy a router that is going to serve you well and last for many years.

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