Bosch BlueHound Asset Management System

Bosch BlueHound Asset Management System (BBAM) is a proprietary software developed by Bosch Automation GmbH. BBAM provides real time asset management solutions for small businesses and other organizations with limited or no access to traditional financial resources. BBAM was originally designed for use in the automotive industry, but it has been adapted to meet many business needs including those of small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

The main features of BBAM are:

1. Real Time Tracking of Assets: BBAM tracks assets such as inventory, inventories, vehicles, equipment and so forth.

These assets can then be viewed at any point in time and their current status can be monitored. The asset’s location is also tracked via GPS coordinates.

This allows the asset owner to see where the asset is located within its physical area and whether it is currently parked or being used (or both).

2. Automatic Asset Reporting: When assets change ownership, they must be reported to BBAM.

If there is a change in reporting requirements, then the asset owners will have to update their reports accordingly.

3. Inventory Management: In addition to tracking assets, BBAM also manages inventory in order to ensure that all inventory levels are maintained at a reasonable level and that the asset owner receives timely updates on how much inventory is available for purchase or sale.

4. Permissions and Access Controls: In order to provide security for company assets, access to the information is password protected.

Only asset owners can directly manage and edit the information.

5. Multiple Language Support: The system supports multiple languages.

Reports can also be printed in different languages as well.

6. User-Friendly Interface: The user-interface is designed with simplicity in mind while providing maximum functionality.

7. Flexible and Adaptable: The system can be readily adapted to any organization’s needs as the requirements and reporting may be very different from one industry to another.

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8. Easy Integration with Other Systems: The system is designed to be easily integrated with other software solutions including those of third-party products.

Blue HOUND is a state-of-the-art GPS asset tracking system designed by BOSCH. It offers a complete solution for small and medium sized businesses to manage their vehicle fleets, mobile tools and fixed assets.

With an intuitive user interface and powerful back-end, Blue HOUND provides real-time location tracking and live monitoring of field workers or assets in your organization. Its flexible hardware design allows organizations of all sizes to choose the best solution for their business needs.

The system offers several different levels of service:

1. Web-based fleet management system for managing commercial, utility and construction vehicle fleets

2. GPS asset tracking for any type of asset with the ability to control its usage in real time

3. Manage mobile workforce in the field to improve productivity and profitability

4. Increase visibility into operations and lower operational costs

5. Centralized monitoring and control of fleet vehicles, tools and equipment

6. Powerful web-based reporting portal provides crystal clear analysis of all your assets

7. Prevent over-usage and unauthorized use of your assets

8. Simple installation with no additional hardware required

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9. Powerful web-based software solution with no need to download bulky software packages

10. No additional monthly fees

11. Low one-time fee for perpetual use of product

Blue HOUND is simple to use and will quickly pay for itself with increased productivity, lower fleet maintenance costs, reduced risk and better control of your vehicles. Whether you manage a small fleet of service vehicles or operate a large heavy construction company with hundreds of vehicles in field, Blue HOUND can easily adapt to your needs.

The heart of the Blue HOUND system is the physical device which we call a “HOUND” (a small, cute and quiet dog that will never give you any headaches). Using GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies, a HOUND device can be attached to your vehicles, construction equipment or any other mobile asset.

It can report its location, speed, travel distance and can even send emergency alerts when configured. All information is recorded so that you can view a complete history of where the asset has traveled.


The Blue HOUND consists of two devices, one is called the “Hound” and the other is called the “Hound Base Station”. Each Hound has an integrated GPS receiver, GSM/GPRS modem, battery and a powerful computer processor.

They are designed to be small and compact so that they can be mounted to any type of vehicle. The Hounds can report their locations to the Hound Base Station which in turn will send the location information to the web-based software. This provides you with a history of your vehicles’ movements.

The Hounds can also perform double duty as a GPS tracker and a GSM data modem for laptops. In this way, the Hounds can be used to track any type of vehicle or asset without being limited to a vehicle mounting.

This feature is useful for long distance monitoring of heavy equipment in the wilderness where cell phone coverage is not available.

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The GPS tracking feature can be set to operate in several different modes:

Normal This is the default mode and works well for most applications. The Hounds will regularly report their locations back to the Hound Base Station.

The Base Station will then send this location information to the web-based software allowing you to view the vehicle’s movements on a map.

Event The Event mode takes GPS tracking one step further by only reporting GPS positions when certain conditions are met. For instance, you can set the Hound to report its location only when the vehicle’s speed exceeds 50 km/h.

Man Down When this mode is enabled, the Hound will only report its location if it has not moved in the last 24 hours (i.e.

the person carrying the HOUND has not moved from the same spot for more than a day). This mode is designed for companies with mobile work crews (i.e. oil rigs, mines, long-haul trucking, etc) and will ensure that help is immediately dispatched to the work crew if they are not located at the camp when they are supposed to be.

The Hounds can be pre-configured with your specific requirements for each mode (i.e.

the lower speed limit for Event mode can be set to different values depending on the type of vehicle being monitored). The Hounds can also continually report their speeds so that you can view a sped history for each vehicle.

Blue HOUND also comes with an advanced emergency tracking feature which can automatically detect and report the last known location of a vehicle before it goes into emergency mode. This is extremely useful in emergency situations where you may not be able to accurately recall the last known location of a vehicle.

The Blue HOUND is a complete hardware and software solution. There are no ongoing fees or monthly charges to use the system.


Blue HOUND comes with a fully integrated web-based software which allows you to see your vehicles’ locations on an interactive map in real-time.

You can also view detailed travel history for as far back as one year.

Blue HOUND can report the current location of a vehicle every few minutes, or you can set it to report the vehicle’s location only when its traveling above a certain speed. You can also set Blue HOUND to only report the vehicle’s location when certain events occur ( i.e.

Vehicle Off Course, Speed Exceeds Limit, Engine Starts, Man Down, etc. ).

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Blue HOUND has driver behaviour features which allow dispatchers to send automatic warning messages to drivers for dangerous driving habits.

You can also determine what types of roads a vehicle is allowed to drive on ( i.e.

only allow your truck on major highways, or only allow your forklift inside the warehouse, etc. ). If a vehicle leaves a road it isn’t authorized to be on, you’ll receive an alert.

Blue HOUND supports multiple users and each user can be assigned different permission levels. For instance, one user may be able to see speed, location, direction of travel, engine state, and event reports while another user may only be able to see the location and direction of travel.

This feature makes Blue HOUND ideal for parents who want to monitor their teenagers driving habits or a company who wants to keep track of its employees while they are working on the road.

We have designed the system to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs.

With Blue HOUND you no longer have to rely on cell phones that may or may not have service in remote areas, or waste money investing in expensive satellite tracking devices that often don’t work where you need them to ( i.e.

underground, underwater, inside buildings, etc. ).

Blue HOUND is an ideal solution for any industry that has expensive assets which move around on wheels ( i.e.

retail outlets, construction companies, mines, long-haul trucking, railroads, mass transit companies, etc. ).


We are currently offering Blue HOUND in our Beta Test Program for just $995 US ( plus tax if you are in Canada or the USA ).

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Martin Cooper

CEO, Blue HOUND Technologies


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