Bosch 18V Litheon Flashlight CFL180 Preview

Bosch 18V Work Light Description:

The Bosch 18V work light is a compact, rechargeable flashlight with a single AA battery (included) that provides up to 15 hours of continuous use. The LED lights are powered by two CR2032 batteries which provide approximately 1 hour of runtime per charge.


• Compact design fits easily into your pocket or bag; it’s lightweight and portable!

• Compact size makes it easy to carry around wherever you go.

• Includes one AAA alkaline battery and two CR2032 lithium polymer batteries that provide up to 15 hours of run time.


LED: Cree XM-L2 U3 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Runtime up to 15hrs.

Battery Type: One (1) CR2032 Lithium Polymer Battery Included. Capacity: 2 Hours Run Time.

Bosch 18V Litheon Flashlight CFL180 Preview -

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries not included.

Weight: 0.6oz (17g).

Length: 3″ (8cm). Head Diameter: .75″. Height: 1″ (.4cm).

Dimensions of the flashlight without battery pack and charger are as follows: Length 5.5″, Head Diameter .75″, and

height 1″.

Rechargeable: Yes, with included charger and cord.

Charger Input: 100-240v AC. Output: 4.2v DC, 375mA

Charging Time: 6 hours.

Warranty: Built-in thermal protection to prevent heat build-up.

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty.

What’s included:

1 x 18v cordless led flashlight.

Bosch 18V Litheon Flashlight CFL180 Preview at

1 x Rechargeable battery pack.

1 x Charger.

1 x Clip for attaching to pocket or clothing.

1 x Instruction manual.

The above product features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Bosch 18v review

I must admit, I didn’t expect much from a flashlight that runs on one AAA battery. After all, most of my experience with these small flashlights is that the light either barely makes it over a few feet or it’s so dim you might as well be trying to use your phone.

This flashlight is neither of those things. The packaging on this flashlight does it absolutely no justice. It claims to produce 160 lumens of light. At first, I was a bit skeptical of such a number. However, after using the flashlight I can confirm that is indeed a very high number for such a small flashlight. The beam at highest power is so bright that it illuminates objects within at least a 20-30 foot radius, though I can only assume that since I didn’t measure it. In my opinion, this is a great flashlight to have in your house or car for power outages or any other situation where you need a lot of light. I don’t know what else to say other than this flashlight is worth every penny and I highly recommend it.

Here are some pros and cons about this flashlight:


Bosch 18V Litheon Flashlight CFL180 Preview on

+ Powerful brightness. (160 lumens)

+ Has an adjustable focus.

+ Very useful for power outages or any other time you need a lot of light.

+ Lightweight and easy to carry.


– None!

I hope this review is helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Take care,

-Nick G.

Bosch 18V Litheon Flashlight CFL180 Preview - Image

Bosch 18v flashlight review

After pondering for months on whether or not to get this flashlight I’m glad I bought it. This is one of the best flashlights I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve had a lot of different flashlights over the years for all sorts of reasons.

First of all I was surprised by the quality of this flashlight. It feels very sturdy, not cheap or flimsy at all.

It has a nice heft to it, but is still lightweight enough to be carried around in your pocket if needed. The beam it puts out is crystal clear and bright white, exactly what you want in a flashlight and not that dim yellowish color that cheaper flashlights have. I like the fact that it uses regular batteries, in this case AA, so if you ever need to you can pick some up at the store instead of having to wait for batteries to be shipped to you. Also you don’t have to worry about some sort of capacitor going out or something and then your flashlight not working anymore. Also the fact that it uses AA batteries means you can use rechargeable AA’s to help save money in the long run. It would be nice if it came with it’s own charger though, like my old Maglite did, but it’s no big deal as any USB phone charger or a computer charger will work just as well and all those things are pretty common nowadays.

As for the flashlight being “defective” because it gets hot…come on people!

It’s an LED bulb, of course it’s not going to get as hot as a bulb with a glass enclosure! That’s like saying your computer screen gets hot after you’ve been looking at it for a while. If anything the only thing I can see being an issue is the battery pack getting hot, but even that shouldn’t happen if you’re using new batteries and remember to turn the flashlight off every once in a while so the batteries don’t die. Though I suppose with heavy usage it might get a little warm, but nowhere near hot enough to cause concern.

This flashlight is an excellent value and I would highly recommend it to a friend.

Sorry about the long review, but I wanted to address some of the other reviews that claim this flashlight gets hot or has some sort of defect.

Great Light!

This is a great flashlight. I bought this to replace my 4 D-cell Maglite that I’ve carried for years and this is lighter and much brighter.

Bosch 18V Litheon Flashlight CFL180 Preview |

The runtime for this light, even at it’s highest setting isn’t as long as claimed. Still though, it’s an improvement over old Maglites which are notorious for running at least twice as long as claimed (Maglite claims 1 hour run time–I’ve NEVER seen more than 2 minutes from them). I would definitely recommend this light.

Great light, but get the 3 D cell XP-E version instead

I have both this light and the 3 D cell version of this light

Both lights are great, but if you only need a flashlight for around the house or close range use then the 3 D cell is perfect. It’s brighter, has a much longer runtime, runs cooler, and will probably be cheaper due to it’s more common battery type.

If you need more reach or a wider area illuminated then get this 6 D cell light. It’s also great for hunting as the 6 D cell will give much longer range and a brighter more wide area beam.

Both are great quality lights, but due to the differences in batteries and additional equipment needed to power the 3 D cell such as an external battery pack, the 6 D cell is more practical for most uses.

Great light

This is an update to my last review. I had a chance to use the flashlight during Hurricane Sandy, and it worked flawlessly.

Never had a problem. So for me this was an excellent choice. I am satisfied with my purchase.

Good Light

I got this mainly for power outages which we often have. It works well but not as well as I thought it would.

It’s very heavy and large to be carrying around in your pocket. It’s great for around the house though. I will probably be keeping this in my car for emergencies.

Bosch 18V Litheon Flashlight CFL180 Preview |

great flashlight

I got one of these a couple of years ago for free from a local business to write a review, and I must say it’s a fantastic flashlight. At the time I got it, it was the brightest flashlight I had ever seen, and it still is today.

I use it primarily when I’m out fishing at night, which is quite often. The only thing I don’t like about it is it eats up batteries pretty quickly, but that’s to be expected of such a powerful flashlight.

Outstanding Product

This product is an outstanding value. It is compatible with a broad range of battery types which makes it very convenient.

The multiple light settings allow the user to select the level of lighting needed for the environment.

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