Bosch 18V Bluecore 2.4Ah NiCd Battery BAT181 Preview

Bosch 18V BlueCore 2.4 Ah NiCd Battery BAT181 Preview

The Bosch 18V BlueCore 2.4Ah NiCd Battery BAT181 is a high capacity battery with a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts and a maximum continuous discharge rate of up to 4A (20 hours). It’s rated life span is 50,000 charge cycles or 100,000 use cycles depending on the model and configuration selected from the product range.

The battery comes in two versions: a standard version which has a capacity of 5500 mAh and a extended version with a capacity of 8200 mAh.

Bosch 18V BlueCore 2.4 Ah NiCd Battery BAT181 Specifications Capacity: 5500mAh Nominal Voltage :3.6 Volts Maximum Continuous Discharge Rate: 20 Amps Max Charge Current: 1A Max Discharge Current: 0.5A Weight: 150g Dimensions (L x W x H): 110x40x30mm Operating Temperature Range: -10°C ~ 60°C Storage Temperature Range: -15°C ~ 65°C

Battery Safety Warning!

Do not short circuit or overheat your device while charging. Do not leave unattended when charging. Never leave batteries connected to a computer during charging. Always keep the battery pack charged and out of reach of children.

Do not dispose of in fire. If a battery leaks, does not operate, causes physical harm, or produces an unexpected reaction, dispose of it immediately. The battery can release caustic material that can cause harm and irritation to the skin. Please take caution when using or handling the battery, and always use proper precautions based on your knowledge and experience.

Do not disassemble, modify, destroy, or throw the battery into any type of fire. Doing so may release toxic substances that may cause serious bodily harm.

Using a battery in any environment other than its operating temperature range may permanently damage the battery and decrease its capacity or ability to supply power.

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The battery is not intended for use by children without adult supervision. Never allow children to charge the battery.

The amount of current (amperage) applied to the battery influences the rate at which it discharges and will vary the length of time it operates a device.

Discharge the battery until it is completely depleted (0%) before charging it again. Complete discharge cycles maximize the capacity of the battery and increase its life.

Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. The battery can release toxic substances that may cause harm or death.

Batteries are flammable and should not be exposed to excessive heat. This can happen when batteries are left in cars or other vehicles parked in the sun.

Do not reverse the positive and negative terminals when charging or using the battery to prevent short circuits. This could damage the battery and cause it to leak, overheat, or explode.

Do not charge a battery unless it is specifically marked as being chargeable. Attempting to do so may damage the battery and cause it to leak, overheat, or explode.

Only batteries of the same voltage should be charged together. Mixing different voltages (such as a 9V battery with a 12V battery) may result in the batteries releasing gases, leaking, exploding, or igniting.

Never short out the battery by allowing contact between the positive and negative terminals. The battery may overheat, leak, or ignite.

Bosch 18V Bluecore 2.4Ah NiCd Battery BAT181 Preview at

Stop using battery if you find any of the following:

a) The battery emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color or shape, changes consistency, or becomes discolored.

b) The battery begins to swell abnormally or become soft.

c) You hear a whistling, hissing, or popping sound.

d) The battery becomes discolored (for example, if it develops bulges or bubbles).

e) You experience pain or a burning sensation when handling the battery.

f) The battery is damaged in any way.

Always dispose of batteries promptly and properly. Dispose of used batteries by putting them into appropriate recycling containers (not with household trash).

Dangerous andcould cause serious injury or death. Observe all safety precautions provided with the battery. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death. Please review the following safety information when using or handling a battery:

Before use, the battery must be charged for at least 12 hours. The battery should be recharged after every use.

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Never use a battery that has been damaged in any way.

Do not allow battery to come into contact with water; this may cause an electric shock or explosion.

When charging, do not allow the battery to come into contact with any metal, such as coins, keys, or jewelry, as this could cause a short circuit and ignite the battery.

Never recharge a battery that has signs of the plastic wrapper becoming damaged or peeled off. Damaged batteries may leak or break without warning.

Never dispose of batteries in fire. This may cause the battery to explode or release toxic gasses.

If battery begins to swell, smoke, or become hot, immediately remove it from use and dispose of it safely.

Do not carry batteries with metal objects such as keys or coins in your pocket. This could short-circuit the battery and ignite it.

Do not directly solder batteries, this can produce poisonous gas.

Dispose of used batteries promptly and properly.

Keep batteries away from children. If a battery is ingested, seek immediate medical attention.

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Never attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.

Never recharge a battery that has been damaged in any way (subject to holes, etc).

Never recharge a battery that is not specifically marked as being rechargeable or that has an unknown brand name.

Never allow the metal terminals of the battery to touch each other, as this may cause an explosion.

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