Bosch 18V Bluecore 2.0Ah NiCd Battery BAT180 Preview

Bosch 18V BlueCore 2.0Ah NiCd Battery BAT180 Preview:

Bosch 18V BlueCore 2.0Ah NiCd Battery BAT180 Preview Specifications:

Battery Capacity : 1800 mAH (1000 mA)

Input Voltage : 110~240 VAC 50/60 Hz DC Output voltage : 3.6 VDC Max Charging Current : 0.5 A Charge time : 90 min Discharge current : 0.1 A Charge voltage : 4.20 +/- 0.05 V Charger Input Resistance : 10 kOhm

Charging Time : 1 Hour

The charging time depends on the type of battery used, but it usually takes between one and two hours to fully charge a standard alkaline or nickel cadmium cell from empty to full capacity. The battery will take longer if it’s been exposed to high temperatures or charged while wet.

The battery is protected against overcharging and under-discharging. Overcharged batteries may explode if mishandled. Under-charged batteries may become permanently damaged and require expensive repair work to be able to function properly again.

The battery is not waterproof, so do not leave it submerged in water or place it near flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, or paint thinner.

The battery comes with a 12-month guarantee, up to 500 full charge cycles when used correctly. Use of the battery in more than one device may affect this guarantee.

The battery is charged using a standard battery charger, which must be purchased separately.

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Bosch 18V BlueCore 2.0Ah Nicad Battery BAT180 Preview:

“Do not dispose of this battery into a fire,” I say to the customer sitting on the other side of my desk, “even if it’s a lighted cigarette butt.” He looks puzzled. “

What do you mean?”

“I mean,” I explain, “this battery can catch fire when it is put into a fire. That’s what the big warning on the side of the battery says. And if you put it into a fire and it catches fire, even if you think you had nothing to do with it, the police might think you did. It could lead to very bad things.”

The man looks down at his hands, as if he’s trying to hide something.

The police?”

he says. “

Why would they think I set the fire?”

Sir,” I say, “did you or did you not just put this battery into your pocket before I told you that you shouldn’t do that?”

He doesn’t answer for a moment. Then he nods his head and says, “I did.”

Now I’m very worried. I’m looking around for the exit. I think perhaps I should get off the elevators and away from him as fast as I can.

If he’s going to kill me, I don’t want to make it easy for him by staying right here in this room.

The man reaches into his pocket. My eyes widen. My heart beats very fast.

I prepare to run. I look around and see that the elevator doors have opened behind me. It’s too far away. I won’t be able to make it in time.

The man pulls out his hand from his pocket. He’s holding a shiny metal cigarette lighter. “

Would this do?”

he asks me politely, flicking it on to show me that it works.

I sigh in relief and laugh at my own stupidity. Then I get back to explaining what fire is and how it can cause batteries to explode and why he should never put one into a fire. I tell him that he should just leave the battery in his flashlight and the flashlight in a safe place until he is ready to use it again.

He nods carefully, like he’s trying to understand everything I’m saying.

And then, right there in my office, he takes out his cell phone and calls someone. I listen for a few minutes as he speaks into the phone. When he hangs up, he tells me what he’s done.

“I just called my friend Ahmed,” he explains. “He’s going to come to your store to buy some fireworks. If you don’t sell them to him, then I will know that you are not a good man.”

I try to explain that I can’t sell him anything that will be used as explosives, and that he should come into the store himself if he wants to buy something for his children. He shakes his head.

Bosch 18V Bluecore 2.0Ah NiCd Battery BAT180 Preview - Picture

“Ahmed doesn’t like to read,” he explains. “He will not know what the labels mean. He will need you to explain things to him.”

I sigh. I’m going to have to meet this Ahmed and try to explain the difference between safe and unsafe firework products. Maybe I’ll try to find a plain old sparkler for his kids.

They’re safe and fun for kids, but still pretty.

That evening, I spot the two of them through the window. Ahmed looks like any other guy his age in this neighborhood, dressed in a tracksuit with a baseball cap worn back to front. The guy who works here has just called me over to the register to pay for a packet of cigarettes.

I’ve left the door unlocked and my exit blocked, but there’s an emergency phone on the wall nearby. All I have to do is pick it up and dial 911, then hang up. As soon as Ahmed leaves, I will definitely be doing that.

As I walk over to the register, I see Ahmed’s gaze flick toward me and then toward the door of the store. He looks nervous. I expect him to turn back to the guy he’s with, but he doesn’t.

His body Language is now screaming at me that he has come here for trouble. My heart starts to beat faster and my palms start to sweat.

I remind myself that I have a plan and start walking toward the phone. Then I hear the guy behind the counter say, “That’s him,” and I realize something has gone wrong. I whirl around toward the door just as two men come in wearing ski masks.

They have pistols in their hands. The first one shouts at me in a hoarse voice to get on the floor, and I instinctively obey.

Bosch 18V Bluecore 2.0Ah NiCd Battery BAT180 Preview at

I flatten myself against the tiles, my hands held up beside my head. The two men stand over me, their pistols pointing down at me.

Where’s your safe?”

one hisses.

I stare up at him. I don’t understand the question. My mind is blank.

“The safe,” he snaps. “

Where is it?”

I gape back at him in silence.

“Tell us where the safe is, or we’ll kill you,” the man says.

I look up at him. I’m searching for some hint of what I am supposed to do. I can see in his eyes that he is absolutely serious, but I don’t know what he wants me to tell him.

I have a sudden realization that I don’t know what a safe is. The thought flashes through my mind that if I tell him there isn’t a safe, they will become more violent. If there is a safe, and I tell him it’s behind the counter, they will also become more violent. Either way, it’s certain I’m going to die here.

The man with the hoarse voice curses me and brings his gun down in an arc toward my head.

There is a loud bang and a sudden sharp pain in my skull. I feel myself being jolted into the floor. The fall to the ground seems to happen without me even having time to process the pain of the blow.

I’m on my back now. I hear a third man telling someone to grab the gun and get out of here, but my vision is narrowing down to a small point of light and then it goes black.

Chapter 3

Bosch 18V Bluecore 2.0Ah NiCd Battery BAT180 Preview -

I wake up in a cold sweat. I’m sitting up and my heart is racing, even though I can’t remember what the nightmare was about now. It’s still dark outside, and I lie back down and close my eyes.

It wasn’t exactly a nightmare — it was more of a memory. A man with a gun had come into my store once. It was just like in the movies.

He had men with him, but they were just to intimidate the customers. It was only when the police came that I realized what had happened. The man was robbing me, just like in the movies. He wasn’t a very good robber though, because he fled before clearing out the safe and taking the money in the register.

I reported the incident to the police, but it didn’t do much good. The police just said that they would increase their patrols in the area. I felt really stupid.

My dad had always told me to never keep more in the register than I needed for daily business, but I hated making bank runs and the store did good business most days.

I learned my lesson though. After that day, I never kept more in the till than I could afford to lose.

I roll over in bed again and think about what happened last night. I’m getting that eerie feeling of being watched again. I know I’m going to see something out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn to look, there will be nothing there.

I’m starting to wonder if I really am losing my mind.

I get out of bed and go to the window. My gut is telling me to get out of this house. I can’t go on like this though.

I have to call the police now. I’ve thought about it several times over the past two days, but something has always held me back. Something about what happened just doesn’t seem right.

I’m going to call the police. I’m not going to tell them about what has been happening here though. I’ll just tell them that I came home and found him like this.

Bosch 18V Bluecore 2.0Ah NiCd Battery BAT180 Preview - Picture

That’s it then. I’m making the call in a few minutes. I have to do it.

When I get to the phone, I suddenly remember that the power is still out. The police won’t be able to track my cell phone signal to find me if they need to.

I feel along the wall for my flashlight and switch it on, then walk toward the front door. I still have to find some way of getting the attention of the police if they come back while I’m gone.

I walk out the front door into the moonlight and can see the police have set up a barricade near my house. There are a few police still sitting around talking, but no sign of any activity. It looks like they have given up for the night.

As I step out of the shadows and onto the moonlit grass though, a voice suddenly comes from behind me, “Going somewhere?”

I freeze and know it can only be one person. Slowly, I turn around to face him. He’s standing there with a grin on his face and that signature cigarette hanging from his mouth.

I back away slowly and say, “They’re looking for me. If I don’t come back they’ll call off the manhunt. You’ve got what you want.

Let me go.”

He shakes his head and takes a step towards me, “I don’t think you realize how much trouble you’re in kid. There is no way out of this. You might as well get used to the idea.”

I continue to back away from him as he takes another step towards me. I can feel the cold metal of the door at my back now.

“I’m not going back to prison. I’ll kill you first.” He threatens by lifting his shirt to reveal a revolver in his belt.

I’m scared, but I know I’m faster than he is. I might get lucky and get his gun before he shoots me. I might not, but it’s better than waiting around for him to decide to kill me “Slowly reach into your pocket and grab my cell phone,” I tell him.

“I don’t have time to call the police right now.

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