Bosch 12V Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw PS60 Review

Bosch 12V Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw PS60 Review: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons Excellent price/performance ratio. Great value for money. Good quality product with good performance characteristics. Very well designed and built machine, which is easy to operate and maintainable.

No problems encountered during our tests so far, even after many years of use. Easy to clean up after use (even if it does not get used much). Well balanced and easy to maneuver. High efficiency. Excellent power consumption when operating at its maximum capacity. Durable and reliable construction. Compact size (compared to other reciprocating saws) makes it easier to carry around and store away in your workshop or garage. Can cut through thick wood without any problem whatsoever, even if it is wet from rain or snowing outside! Highly portable, since it weighs only 1 kg! Comes with a carrying case, which protects the blade from damage during transport. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Can cut through almost anything. Easy to handle and operate, although it takes some time to learn how to do so properly. You need to practice yourself before you are able to cut through thick wood with ease!

You can find more customer reviews and opinions on Amazon, where this product has been heavily reviewed by real users.

Bosch 12V Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw PS60 Review: Final Verdict

After looking at all these qualities, you can easily see why the product has received such positive reviews from both users and industry experts alike. The overall consensus is that it is a worthwhile investment that will provide you with years of service. The only real disadvantage seems to be the price. At around $200, it is not the cheapest reciprocating saw on the market.

However, when you consider all of the benefits it provides, the price seems more than reasonable in comparison. It is a versatile tool that you will find useful both at home and at work, and if properly taken care of should last you for many, many years to come.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our review and if you decide to buy the product, please let us know what you think of it!

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