Bosch 12V Edge Router: Compact Routing for Pros

Bosch 12V Edge Router: Compact Routing for Pros Reviewed By: Expert

The Bosch 12V Edge Router: Compact Routing for Pros is a small yet powerful router that allows you to easily configure your home network. You will get the advantage of using it with minimal effort and time. If you are looking for a simple solution to set up your home network, then this router may be just what you need!

Pros Small and portable design makes it easy to take anywhere.

Allows you to connect multiple devices such as printers, modems, routers and other networking equipment. Cons No built-in wireless capability. Requires a wired connection for most functions.

No support for WPS or any other security features. Only USB 2.0 port supports file sharing from computer to router via FTP or SFTP protocols.

Only one LAN port provides Internet access to all connected devices (LAN ports are not used).

Our Opinion

The router isn’t just useful in setting up your home network, but it can also provide you with a reliable connection where ever you go. It is small and lightweight making it easy to take with you anywhere. The ability to connect multiple devices means that you can share files between various devices without hassle. Its great for laptop users who have to constantly travel and need access to their files remotely.

The router doesn’t suffer from a lack of security features. It is possible to set a password for the WiFi signal, which adds an extra layer of security. This means that you can prevent others from stealing your files, keystrokes or passwords when you are connected to the WiFi network. Even without a password, there is still an encryption feature to prevent others from intercepting and reading the data being sent over the WiFi connection.

There are a few downsides to this otherwise feature packed router. First, it doesn’t have built-in wireless capability. This means that you will need to connect the router to your network using a standard Ethernet cable. Not everyone has Ethernet ports available so this could be a deal breaker for some people.

Second, it doesn’t support WPS or any other form of security features. While this isn’t really a problem for home users who don’t have any concerns about network security, it might be a serious drawback for businesses that need to protect sensitive data.

Last but not least is the lack of a USB port that supports file sharing. This means that you can’t simply copy files to and from the router like you can with most other WiFi routers. While this isn’t really a problem for most people, it might cause some issues for power users.

All in all the router is perfect for the casual home user who just needs a simple and easy to use WiFi router. Most people don’t have security concerns nor do they need to transfer files from their devices to their computer or from their computer to their device. It might not be the best choice for industrial or enterprise level networks, but it works great for regular computer users.

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