Bosch 1191VSRK Corded Hammer Drill Preview

Bosch 1191VSRK Corded Hammer Drill Preview

The Bosch 1191VSRK Corded Hammer Drill is a new type of drill designed for use with hydraulic systems. They are used in the oil & gas industry where high pressure is required to break up rock or other hard materials.

These drills have been developed for drilling into tight rock formations such as shale.

They are also used in the mining industry where they are used to cut through rock and earth to access minerals underground.

These drills are very powerful and require special tools for their operation. The drill itself weighs around 1,500 lbs (450 kg).

A driver is needed which can reach speeds of over 100 mph (160 km/h) to drive it at these high speeds.

The drivers are made from heavy duty steel and weigh between 3,000 – 4,000 lbs (1,800 – 2,400 kg). The driver’s head alone can weigh up to 10 tons!

In addition to driving the drill fast enough to break through rock or other material, these drills are also equipped with a cutting blade which cuts away large sections of rock without damaging surrounding soil. This makes them ideal for drilling into soft ground like sandstone or even limestone.

These drills are used for a variety of mining and construction purposes, such as digging subway tunnels or drilling into the ground to find water.

They are also used in the oil and gas industry where they drill through rock to create an underground passage for pipes and cables. They can also be used for more heavy duty tasks like building underground structures like subways or even secret military compounds.

This type of drill is very expensive and will set a company back by millions of dollars. Even the smallest models can cost in excess of one million dollars.

The average drilling time using this drill is around 3 – 4 months.

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Due to their cost and the fact that they are very loud while in use, these drills are often only used for important projects. They are very useful for drilling through hard rock which may be encountered during excavation projects.

These drills can also be used by individual consumers. In some countries, owning your own corded hammer drill is not uncommon and in fact is a common sight.

These drills are used for minor DIY projects and also used in many countries as a common method of home security.

In countries where gun ownership is heavily regulated, there are much higher incidences of home invasion. In some cases, families are forced to defend themselves with whatever tools they have available.

A corded hammer drill can be used for more than just drilling holes in walls, it can make a very formidable weapon in the event of a home invasion.

These drills are also very common amongst carpenters and other professionals who require a reliable high-power drill. They are much more expensive that your average cordless drill but offer much better performance.

Features of the Bosch 1191VSRK Corded Hammer Drill

The Bosch 1191VSRK is a 1,900 watt hammer drill which offers excellent performance and reliability. The hammer mechanism in this drill makes it well suited to handle concrete and masonry work.

It is very easy to control and can be used for more delicate drilling with the right bit. This drill is reliable and powerful enough to handle most drilling operations.

Overview of Features

Weight: 28.5 lbs

28.5 lbs Power: 1,900 watts

Bosch 1191VSRK Corded Hammer Drill Preview -

1,900 watts Speed Settings: 0 – 400 / 0 – 1300 rpm

0 – 400 / 0 – 1300 rpm Keyless Chuck: Yes (2 – 13 mm bits included)

Yes (2 – 13 mm bits included) Cord: 7.6 feet long

7.6 feet long Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

3-year limited warranty Price: $$$

Power and Performance

The Bosch 1191VSRK is a professional corded drill which packs a serious punch. It has an impressive 1,900 watt motor which provides a lot of power on demand.

This drill is capable of drilling through concrete, brick, and other masonry materials with ease.

This model also comes with a very useful hammer mechanism which is activated with the touch of a button. This allows the user to switch between rotary drilling and percussive drilling with ease.

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This is an extremely useful feature for anyone doing masonry work as it makes the whole process quicker and easier.

The motor inside the 1191VSRK is capable of spinning the drill bits at up to 1,300 rpm. This gives the drill more power and allows the user to make faster work of drilling through masonry materials.

The length of the power cord on this model is 7.6 feet which is shorter than average.

This isn’t a major problem as most professionals will be using an extension cord with this drill anyway. The short cord is the only major flaw with this corded hammer drill.

User Friendliness

The Keyless chuck feature on this drill allows users to quickly and easily change the drill bits. It has a very wide range of adjustment which makes it easy to use even if you have poor vision or are working in poor lighting conditions.

The two included drill bits are the perfect size for drilling pilot holes or larger holes. These are your basic drill bits and should be suitable for most drilling jobs.

It’s always good to have a few other bits on hand depending on the job you are doing but the two included bits covers the basics.

This corded hammer drill only has two adjustable speeds (0 – 400 and 0 – 1,300 rpm). Most users won’t need anything more than this as the fastest speed is more than enough for most drilling operations.


The length of the drill is about average and it has a soft ergonomic grip on the front and back. These provide a comfortable way to hold and control the drill.

The weight of this drill is also very good as it isn’t too heavy but still feels very solid and durable. The weight of this hammer drill is 28.5 pounds which is about average for this type of drill.

The only potential issue with this drill is the placement of the cord. It attaches at the very back end of the drill which means it can get in the way while you are working.

It also means your hand and arm will be closer to the bit which makes it more likely that you could hit your hand against it if you aren’t careful.

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Value For Money

The Bosch 1191VSRK is an excellent value for professionals and serious DIYers. It has a powerful motor which can drill through masonry materials easily.

It also comes with two useful drill bits to get you started. It only has two speed settings which are probably enough for most people but more experienced users may want a model with more speed settings.

Most stores sell the 6.5-amp Bosch 1191VSRK for around $120 which is an excellent price for this corded hammer drill.

Similar Model Options

The rest of the Bosch hammer drills are all very similar to this one so it really just comes down to your preference for color or accessories. The only other model that is slightly different is the Bosch 1660K which is orange and comes with a flashlight accessory.

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