Bosch 11335K 35lb Breaker Hammer JACK Preview

Bosch 11335k Jack Hammer Specifications:

Weight: 35lbs (15kg)

Length: 27″ (70cm)

Diameter at Base: 1 3/4″ (3.8 cm)

The Bosch 11335k jack breaker hammer is a heavy duty tool used to break down concrete or brick walls with ease. The jack breaker hammer is designed to handle up to 45 lbs.

(20 kg). It comes in various sizes and weights depending on your needs.

Jack hammers are usually made from steel, but they can also be made out of other materials such as aluminum, plastic or even wood. They are often referred to as “bendy” because they bend easily when dropped into a hole and then snap back together again after breaking through the wall material.

Jack hammers come in different styles. Some have a flat head and some have a serrated edge.

Most jack breakers are made of stainless steel, but there are also many models available in bronze, brass, copper and even titanium.

Bosch 11335K 35lb Breaker Hammer JACK Preview on

Some jack breakers have multiple heads so that you can use them to cut through several types of wall material without having to change the hammer frequently.

More expensive jack breakers have a replaceable head feature. This means that you can pull out the chisel or flat head and replace it with a new one when it becomes dull or broken.

Jack breakers are used in demolition, mining, tunneling, building construction and other types of heavy work. They are mostly used to break up rocks and concrete while digging holes for pipes, foundations or other projects.

They can also be useful in self-defense. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to break through a wall to escape, then a jack breaker can be a real asset.

The popularity of this tool has grown over the years with many manufacturers now making their own versions of the jack breaker hammer. These tools are used by construction workers, miners, road crews, utility workers and anyone who needs to break through walls or other types of materials on a regular basis.

The jack breaker hammer is an invaluable tool to have around when you need quick and easy access through a wall. It is perfect for jobs where you don’t want to spend time or money demolishing or building a new foundation.

It is also great when you need to make quick work of digging through rock, cement or other types of hard materials.

You can find the perfect jack breaker hammer to meet your needs and budget right here. By ordering online you can take advantage of the latest technology to find the perfect one for you.

You’ll be able to read detailed reviews from customers who have bought and used the product, along with information about products, accessories and tools. Shopping online is easy, convenient and affordable. You can find everything you need right here.

Bosch 11335K 35lb Breaker Hammer JACK Preview at

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