Bosch 11316EVS SDS-max Demolition Hammer Preview

Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Preview

The Bosch SDS-max Demolition Hammer is a high performance hand tool designed for professional use. The Bosch SDS-max was first introduced in 2013 and it’s currently available in two models: the SDS-MAX1 (for heavy duty) and the SDS-MAX2 (for medium duty). They are made from hardened steel with a black powder coating.

The SDS-max is available in various sizes and configurations. The maximum recommended torque for each model varies between 3.5 Nm and 5 Nm depending on the application.

In addition to its strength, the Bosch SDS-max features a unique design that allows it to handle extremely high loads without damage or failure. Its construction includes a strong steel body with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, which is attached to an injection molded plastic shell. The shell is made from a flexible material that conforms to the shape of the hammer head.

The Bosch SDS-max is equipped with a safety feature called “Safe Stop”. When Safe Stop is engaged, the hammer will stop if it detects any movement inside the housing. If no movement occurs within five seconds after Safe Start, then the hammer continues to strike until stopped manually by pressing a button located at the top of the housing.

The hammer’s handle is made from a durable material that is resistant to oil and grease. It features a soft, cushioned non-slip grip. A self-lubricating mechanism prevents the handle from becoming clogged with dust or debris during operation and extends the life of the tool.

The speed of the impact mechanism can be adjusted between 0 and 5,000 BPM (Blows Per Minute).

The SDS-max features a built-in LED light located on the front of the housing. It illuminates dark or confined spaces while working. The light can be turned on and off using a switch located at the top of the handle.

A charger for the SDS-max is available and sold separately. It comes with a flexible exhaust tube that attaches to the rear of the hammer housing.

The SDS-max is equipped with a quick-release mechanism that allows it to be easily attached or detached form an impact wrench.

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