Bosch 11224VSR 7/8″ SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer

Bosch 11224VSR 7/8″ SDS-Plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer – What’s it all About?

The Bosch 11224VSR (Rotary Drill System) is a high performance rotary tool with a strong reputation. Its design was based on the need for precision and durability in drilling, cutting, grinding and tapping operations.

It features a heavy duty steel body with a cast aluminum face plate. It comes with two drills: one for 1/4″ and another for 3/16″.

Both drills are equipped with a rotating chuck and a cutting head capable of operating at speeds up to 1200 rpm.

In addition, the Bosch 11224VSR includes an adjustable torque driver, which allows users to adjust the amount of torque applied when turning the drill bit.

The Bosch 11224VSR is available in various colors and models. The most popular model is the 7/8″ SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer, which has been used in many industries including construction, mining, oil & gas exploration and more.

What do You Need to Know About Bosch 11224VSR Bits?

Bosch bits are designed for use with the Bosch 11224VSR rotary tool. The bits are made from HSS, which increases resistance to heat and promises long lasting durability. The bits are designed with a built in cool tip, which keeps the bit from heating up and allows for optimum performance.

What do You Need to Know About the 11224VSR’s Keyless Chuck?

The keyless chuck is a feature found on most rotary hammers. It allows for quick and easy bit changes without using a key. It also does away with the risk of losing the key.

The 11224VSR’s keyless chuck is one of the best on the market. It offers superior grip and remains reliable even after years of extended use.

The chuck uses three jaws to hold bits in place. It offers a maximum bit capacity of 1 1/4″.

What Accessories do you need for this Rotary Tool?

The 11224VSR has been used in a wide range of operations and has proven to be one of the most versatile tools on the market. It can be used with numerous attachments including:

Cutting & Grinding Wheels: Used in grinding and cutting applications. They can also be used for removing materials such as paint and coatings.

Drill Bits: When greater speeds and power are required, drill bits can be used.

Bosch 11224VSR 7/8″ SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer -

Sanders: Available in both hand and power tools, these are used for fastening, smoothening and removing materials.

Bits: Used for drilling applications in masonry and metal. These can also be used for boring holes in wood and plastic.

How Do You Use the 11224VSR?

The 11224VSR is very easy to use.

Its keyless chuck provides quick and easy bit changes, while its adjustable torque driver allows the user to apply the exact amount of pressure required. To use the 11224VSR simply:

Change the desired bit into the drill.

Press the trigger and feed in material slowly.

Move at a steady even pace to ensure accurate results.

What are People Saying About the 11224VSR?

The 11224VSR has been one of the most popular rotary hammers on the market for years. It has earned a reputation for excellence in both construction sites and in homes. Owners of the 11224VSR have nothing but praise for this product. They love its versatility and fantastic ergonomics, saying it is very comfortable to use.


Its comfortable grip and great ergonomics provide users with precise control.

It has a heavy duty metal gear housing, which makes it more durable than many of its competitors.

It is remarkably quieter than other rotary hammers on the market.

It includes numerous accessories.


A few users have complained that the chuck comes loose after extended use. While this can be easily fixed, it can be annoying for some people.

Bosch 11224VSR 7/8″ SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer at

The plastic guard around the trigger can become unattached.

It can be difficult to use in tight spots because it is a larger drill.

The Verdict

The 11224VSR is one of the best rotary hammers on the market. It provides users with an excellent balance of power and comfort.

This tool is perfect for:

Anyone who needs a reliable rotary hammer that they can use on a daily basis.

Anyone who needs to drill holes or break through masonry on a regular basis.

Those who need a tool that can tackle heavy duty jobs with power and precision.

The 11224VSR is definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a new rotary hammer. This tool has the power, ergonomics and versatility that make it perfect for a range of applications.

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