Bora Speedhorse 1500-Pound Capacity Sawhorse PM-4500

Bora Speed Horse 1500-Pound Capacity Sawhorse PM-4500 Review

The Tough Built C600 Series Saws are made from high quality materials and are designed with durability in mind. They have been tested under extreme conditions and they hold up well against them. The saws come equipped with a safety feature which automatically cuts out when the blade gets too close to the edge of the table top or other objects. This feature makes it possible to cut through wood without causing injury.

The saws are not only strong, but they are also very easy to use. You just need to turn the handle clockwise and you will start cutting. When you stop moving the handle counterclockwise, the blade stops cutting and the saw shuts off completely.

ToughBuilt’s products are manufactured in China where workers make their living working long hours for low wages. Many workers suffer from dangerous working conditions such as injuries, unsafe machinery, and poor pay. Other problems include excessive overtime work, non-payment of salaries, and being forced to live in unsanitary conditions.

To address these issues, the company has launched a campaign called “We Are All One” which aims to improve worker’s rights in China.The company has partnered with the GoodWeave Organization to eradicate child labor. Roughly one-third of the world’s textile industry uses forced and imprisoned child labor. Thanks to organizations like GoodWeave, this number is starting to decline every year.

So far, the Tough Built Campaign has raised over $200,000 for the cause. The company plans on increasing their donations in the future and hopes that they can help make a difference in the lives of the world’s workers.


The toughbuilt sawhorse is a very handy tool to have around the garage or even the backyard. If you are someone who does a lot of wood working like building decks, sheds or other wooden structures around your home, then this will be an indispensable tool for you. It is quite simple to use and it can support a large amount of weight so even heavy lumber will not cause it to break. It is also very easy to put together and will only take a few minutes before you are ready to start using it.

The toughbuilt saw horse is made from high quality materials such as heavy duty steel and solid cast iron, so it is quite durable. It can support up to 1500 pounds of weight so it can be used for years without showing any signs of wear and tear. To use the sawhorse, you just have to place it on the ground and then adjust the legs to your desired height. The legs are constructed in a way that allows them to be folded up for easy storage when they are not in use.

The best part about using this sawhorse is that it can support large pieces of lumber without bowing or breaking so you can finish your project faster and with better results. It is also quite affordable so it will not put a hole in your pocket. The toughbuilt sawhorse comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of five years from the date of purchase so any problem can easily be resolved by contacting the customer service department.

The only con that we could find when researching this product is that it is quite heavy, weighing in at 24 pounds so it may be a bit difficult to carry around. This may not be a problem for some people but if you need to carry it around your job site on a regular basis, it could get very tiring.

All in all the ToughBuilt sawhorse is an excellent product to have around because of how long it lasts and how easy it is to use. It is well worth the cost so we definitely recommend this product to anyone who does a lot of wood work or needs a temporary workstation for any reason.


The toughbuilt bolt together platform is a multi-purpose product that can be used for several different jobs. It is great for laying flooring, installing ceiling tiles or painting as it provides a sturdy and even working surface. It is also very easy to assemble and does not require any extra tools or hardware to put it together.

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The platform is made with durable materials such as plywood and solid lumber so you know that it is going to last for several years. It also has reinforced edges so you do not have to worry about the wood chipping or peeling. The bolts and other hardware are made from metal so they are strong enough to keep the platform sturdy even when you are working on a ceiling. It comes in three different sizes so you can choose what best suits your needs.

The small platform measures 3′ x 3′, the medium platform measures 4′ x 4′ and the large platform measures 5′ x 5′.

The reason this product is named the bolt together platform is because it literally bolts together. There are pre-drilled holes in the corners of the platform so all you have to do is place a bolt into each one, tighten them down with the included wrench and your platform is ready for use. When you are done working the platform can be disassembled just as easily by removing the bolts. This is convenient because it makes it easier to transport the platform if you need to move it from one job site to another.

The platform also comes with a carry handle so you can easily pick it up and carry it when you need to. It may not be the lightest platform out there but the handle makes it very easy to transport when it is disassembled. The one drawback to this product is that you do have to bolt it together so it is not going to be as quick to set up as say a snap together platform.

If you are looking for a sturdy and multi-purpose platform this is a great choice. It is quite affordable and can be used for multiple types of projects which saves money in the long run. There are other similar products available but this one is very high quality and will last for several years with proper maintenance.


What we like about it

The multi-purpose aspect of this platform is what makes it so convenient to own. It can be used for a wide range of projects that require a solid surface to work on. This reduces the amount of money you have to spend on specialty items for each job. The platform is also very durable and made with high quality materials so you know it is going to last for several years even with regular use.

What we don’t like about it

The only downside to this product is that it isn’t as quick to set up as some of the others on our list.

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