Blue Bear 700DG Degreaser: Evolving Beyond TSP

Blue Bear 700DG Degreaser: Evolving Beyond TSP

The first thing to know about Blue Bear Degreasers is that they are not just deodorants, but also antiperspirant. They have been used since the 1950’s to protect against the sunburn of soldiers during World War II.

But what makes them different from other deodorants?

Well, it is their ability to remove sweat stains. This means that even if you don’t use your deodorant regularly, you still get rid of the smell of perspiration. The second thing to know about Blue Bear Degreasers is that they are very effective at removing sweat stains. And while some people think that they will only work well on certain types of clothing (like cotton), others say that they work best on woolen clothes like sweaters or coats.

But what does all this mean? How do these two things relate to each other?

Let us take a look at the facts…

What Does It Mean To Remove Sweat Stains From Clothing?

Sweating is caused by chemicals called sweat glands. These glands produce small amounts of liquid that evaporate off the skin when exposed to heat. When you wear clothing made out of cotton, the sweat gland produces too much liquid, which causes your shirt to become damp and sticky. And in some cases, the liquid can even stain your shirts!

This is where a deodorant like Blue Bear comes in handy. Since it is an antiperspirant, it prevents the sweat from coming out of your sweat glands at all. This means that there is no liquid to stain your clothing!

Blue Bear has also been known to be effective against yellow stains caused by urine and vomit.

How Does Blue Bear Work On Other Kinds Of Stains?

Many reviews of Blue Bear products say that it is very effective at removing oil stains. This includes grease stains on your shirt! The active ingredient (called thioglycolate) works by breaking down the long chains of oily materials into smaller, soluble chains (chains that can easily be washed away with water). In other words, the active ingredient helps to “digest” the oils in your clothing, so that they can be easily washed away with water.

We also know that Blue Bear contains some bacteria that produce a substance that is similar to mother’s milk. The “mother’s milk” substance helps to break down the grease and oil in your clothing, making it easier to wash away. Again, this active ingredient is called thioglycolate.

Does Blue Bear Have Any Other Benefits?

Yes! Although most people use it primarily for removing sweat stains, there are other benefits that you can get from this product. One of the major benefits is that it helps to prevent yellow stains on your clothing (as we discussed earlier). But it’s also good at preventing odor as well. The thioglycolate reacts with the bacteria and sweat in your armpit and produces a substance similar to iodine. This substance helps to kill odor-causing bacteria. The thioglycolate also changes the pH balance in your armpit, making it more difficult for the bacteria to thrive in that environment.

Interesting Facts About Blue Bear

In addition to being an effective antiperspirant and deodorant, Blue Bear is very cheap! You can pick up a jar of it at nearly any grocery or drug store.

Another interesting fact about this product is that it is in the same family of products as Speed Stick and Soft & Dri. (See if you can notice the similarities)

The active ingredient (thioglycolate) prevents the sweat from coming out of your sweat glands at all. It also digests the oils in your clothing, making them easier to wash away. (This active ingredient is also found in other antiperspirants like Speed Stick and Soft & Dri.

Can you see the similarities in these products?

Hint: look at their active ingredient)

How Do I Use Blue Bear?

For Blue Bear to work effectively, you should apply it to a clean armpit. (This is obviously more effective than applying it over a layer of bacteria and dirt that has built up over the course of the day)

Most people wait until they are in the shower before applying the product.

Blue Bear 700DG Degreaser: Evolving Beyond TSP at

After a hot shower, apply a thin layer of Blue Bear to each of your armpits.

You can either let it air dry, or you can use a blow drier to speed up the process.

You should apply it at least once per day (ideally right after you shower in the morning)

It is a good idea to apply it immediately after taking off a shirt that has built up a lot of oily stains (from food, etc).

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Most ARMPIT-WEARING-PEOPLE don’t experience side effects when using Blue Bear. However, in rare cases some people may experience slight skin irritation. If you are experiencing skin irritation, you may want to try a different product.

In addition, the thioglycolate has been known to cause contact dermatitis in some people. If you notice that your skin is becoming increasingly irritated the more you use Blue Bear, you may want to stop using it altogether.

Is It Better Than alternative Products?

Although Blue Bear is a very common product, there are several alternatives on the market. There are even stores (generally grocery stores and drug stores) that specialize in ARMPIT-WEAR products. Depending on where you shop, the price of each product may vary. It’s up to you to decide which product is right for you.

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