Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw Review

Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw Review

The Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw Review is a very popular model. Its popularity comes from its affordability, ease of use, reliability, and durability.

It’s not just any old saw though; it has some unique features that make it stand out among other jigsaws. These include:

1) Variable Speed – The blade speed can be adjusted between 0% (slowest) to 100%.

This allows you to cut different sized pieces without having to change your cutting angle too much.

2) Variable Angle – You can adjust the angle at which the blade cuts, so that you don’t have to constantly re-adjust your workpiece.

3) Adjustable Cutting Height – The height of the piece being cut can be set anywhere from 1/4″ up to 3″ high.

This makes it easy for beginners or anyone with limited hand strength.

4) Heavy Duty Construction – The blade is made of hardened steel and has a hard plastic handle.

This means that it will last longer than most other models.

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5) Easy To Use Controls – There are two knobs on top of the saw, one for adjusting the angle and another for changing the speed.

All controls are easily accessible, making them easy to operate even if you’re not used to using a jigsaw.

6) Easy To Store – The saw’s power cord retracts, the blades stores safely inside the unit, and it has a latching on-off switch, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing the plug or losing any other parts.

7) Comfortable Grip – This saw is very comfortable to use.

The weight is well-balanced and the plastic handle is textured to provide a good grip even when your hands are covered in sawdust.

What’s Included

Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw

Protective Sleeve

Blade Guard and 3 Additional Blades

Instruction Manual


The Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw has been praised for its good build quality, solid construction, and ample power. It doesn’t have quite as much power as a corded jigsaw, but it still does the job well.

It has plenty of features that you would expect to find on much pricier models.

The pros of this model have been stated as follows:

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1) Very Powerful – While cordless tools in general don’t have quite as much power as their corded siblings, the Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw more than makes up for it with power.

The average user should have no trouble cutting through hardwood, plywood, plastic, or metal with it.

2) Comfortable Design – The Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw’s design makes it very comfortable to use.

Its power switch has been mounted on the top, right at your fingertips. The variable speed and angle adjusters are also within easy reach.

3) Well-Balanced – The weight of this saw is concentrated in the center of the tool, so it’s very well balanced.

This makes it easy to guide and less fatiguing to use for long periods of time.

4) Durable – This saw is very durable and solid.

It can take quite a bit of abuse without breaking down or failing. Even after months of constant use, it should keep on ticking.

5) Easy To Maintain and Use – Just about anyone, regardless of experience level, should be able to use this saw with ease.

It’s very intuitive and easy to figure out. The protective sleeve makes it really easy to store and the blade guard is great for a clean cut every time.

6) Affordable – While this isn’t the cheapest jigsaw you can buy, it certainly isn’t the most expensive either.

If you’re looking for a good mid-level jigsaw, then this model should suit your needs.

Potential flaws of this model have been stated as follows:

1) Doesn’t Cut All The Way Through – Despite its powerful motor, it doesn’t quite cut all the way through some items.

Black and Decker JS515 Jig Saw Review |

It leaves a small uncut portion at the bottom or top that you have to finish with a hand saw.

2) Doesn’t Have A Laser – Some people might prefer to have a laser guiding system, as it allows for extra precision.

This saw doesn’t have one of those.

3) Lacks Power – The built-in LED light is very weak.

Since this is a cordless jigsaw, the small battery limits the power that can be generated. This saw is great for home use, but probably not strong enough for professional construction site work.

4) Heavy Cord – The power cord can be a bit of a hassle.

It gets in the way and can be snagged on the work piece, which unplugs the tool from the wall. Since it’s so long though, there’s really no way to fix that issue.

5) No Dust Blower – While most of Black and Decker’s jigsaws don’t come with a dust blower, it would still be nice to have that feature.

The Black and Decker jigsaw is a great tool for someone who needs a versatile saw that can tackle a wide range of different materials. While it isn’t the strongest cordless jigsaw you can buy, it still gets the job done in most situations.

It’s comfortable to use and easy to maintain. For anyone who wants an excellent jigsaw at an affordable price, this model from Black and Decker comes highly recommended.

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