Best Tape Measure Shootout

What is Best Tape Measure?

Best Tape Measure is a simple, yet effective tool which helps you to measure accurately and precisely. It is made of high quality materials and it comes with a wide range of features which make it very useful for all types of work.

It measures up to 4 feet (1 meter) long and 1 inch (2 centimeters) wide, making it ideal for measuring large areas or objects such as furniture or cabinets. It is designed to be used without tools and requires no batteries. You simply need to attach it to your belt loop or pocket and start measuring.

The tape measure measures up to 2 inches (5 cm) thick so it’s easy to handle even when wet. It is also durable enough not only for everyday use but also for heavy duty use such as cutting holes in wood, plumbing pipes, etc.

You can easily adjust the length of the tape measure by turning a small knob at its end. This allows you to measure any distance from one side of the tape to another. It has two markings: a vertical line marked “0” and a horizontal line marked “1”. A single click turns them both off so they don’t interfere with each other. The measurement is rounded off to the nearest whole number (e.g.

9.5″ is 10″).

The tape measure is powered by a small piece of metal which generates an electric charge when pulled away from the case and released. When it touches a stationary object while stretching, it stops extending and turns off. The tape can be stretched up to 1/4th of its own length without turning off. You can easily turn it back on by pulling and releasing it again.

The case is red with a soft handle and stands vertically for easy storage. It also has a belt loop for easy access and storage on a tool belt. The tape measure is very durable, made of impact-resistant abs material.

Best Tape Measure Shootout at a Glance

There’s more to a great tape measure than just accuracy and precision. To be the best, it also has to be practical and convenient to use in everyday situations. Let’s see how some of the most popular tape measures in the market perform in this regard.

Best Tape Measure for Woodworkers: Stanley Fatmax Steel Tape Measure (39-1194)

This 39-inch tape measure from the brand STANLEY is specially designed for carpentry work and other woodworking projects. It boasts a steel blade for extra strength and a large tape hook for easy on and off operation.

Both the case and the tape are red, a color which makes them easy to spot if you drop them on the floor. The case is plastic and has a belt clip for easy carrying and storage on your tool belt. Its large size makes it comfortable to grip and turn and it stands vertically for storage or hanging on a hook.

The tape measure’s hook is specially designed to work with the tape’s lock mechanism, securing it firmly in place when extended. It has precision-ground edges and an automatic retract mechanism which makes it easy to use.

Best Tape Measure Shootout -

The tape measure is accurate to within one sixteenth of an inch when extended and can be locked at any length between zero and 39 inches. It has clear, easy-to-read black marks for quick measurements, even in poor lighting conditions. A single button allows you to instantly zero out the reading for quick measurements.

The tape can be extended or retracted with one hand and the locking mechanism holds it securely in place when extended. The blade is protected by a rigid case made of durable plastic so you can quickly wrap and unwrap it without fear of bending. Although it’s not safe to use this tape for surfacing (STANLEY also manufactures a separate surfacing tape measure), it’s perfectly adequate for everyday carpentry tasks.

The only major complaint about this tape measure is that the release button can stick if it gets dirty or greasy. This seems to be common with most brands of tape measures so it’s just something you’ll have to watch out for. It’s still much better than cheap tape measures which get jammed completely and are a nightmare to fix.

Best Tape Measure for Crafts: Klein Tools 4-Foot Flex Lock Tape Measure (67LL)

Klein Tools 67LL 4-foot flex lock tape measure is ideal for arts and crafts work. It’s made of extra strong fiberglass so it has excellent durability without the extra weight of metal tape measures. The 1/16th inch markings on the blade are handy for more detailed work.

The tape’s hook locks securely into place when extended and its end is specially designed to make it easy to load. The case is red and made of a soft rubberized material that’s easy on the hands and pockets. Although it has neither an automatic retraction nor locking mechanism, the blade is so well protected by the case you shouldn’t experience any problems with it.

This tape measure is light enough that you won’t notice any discomfort after extended use, unlike some heavier metal tape measures. At just over 4 feet long, it’s a good size for most arts and crafts work. The only real downside is the lack of a belt clip on the case so you’ll have to put it away in a toolbox or bag which can be a bit inconvenient at times.

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