Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw Shootout

Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw Shootout: Bosch vs Dewalt?

Bosch table saw is one of the most popular brands among professional woodworkers. They are known for their high quality products and they have been around since the early 90’s. Bosch table saws are made from durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminum which makes them very strong. Their tables are usually built with heavy duty construction so that it will last a long time.

Dewalt table saws are another brand that has been around for quite some time now. They started out making cheap models before moving upmarket.

These days they offer a wide variety of table saws including ones specifically designed for home use. While these two companies may not be competing directly, there is still room for both to grow and improve their products.

The Bosch table saw is known for its durability and it has a large selection of features. Some of these include a dust collection system, adjustable blade height, and even a safety feature called the “Safety Stop”.

There are other features like a quick release mechanism and a removable base plate. Another feature that sets the Bosch apart from others is its ability to cut through multiple thicknesses of material without breaking or chipping any blades.

The Dewalt table saw has many of the same features like the ability to adjust the height and dust collection. It also has a powerful motor which is 15 percent more powerful than its predecessor.

One of the major complaints about the older model was that it had difficulty cutting through some types of wood. This seems to have been taken care with a special triple blade system. There are also other safety features like riving knife and kickback paw among others.

Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw Shootout:

Bosch vs Dewalt

There are a few minor differences between the two but they both have their own advantages. The key will be to see which one can better fit your personal preferences and price range.

If I were to choose from my experiences with table saws, I would go with the newer model from a brand I already know and trust. But everyone has different needs so your results may vary. I hope that this information helps you in some small way to make a more informed decision!

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