Best Corded Reciprocating Saw Head-to-Head Review

Best Corded Reciprocating Saw Head-to-Head Review: DeWALT DWE305 vs Makita CX300?

DeWALT DWE305 vs Makita CX300: What’s the Difference? The most popular saw in the market today is the Makita CX300. It is one of the most affordable saws available at around $200. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. The batteries are charged using the included USB cable. There is no need to buy additional power adapters or cords when you use it for your home workshop.

However, there are other models out there which offer similar features at lower prices such as the DeWALT DWE305, which costs $350. It offers many of the same features as the CX300 but adds some unique features like a built-in battery charger, a cord lock feature, and an integrated dust collection system.

These two models have different pros and cons.

Which one do you prefer? Which one should you buy?

DeWALT DWE305 vs Makita CX300: What are the Key Differences? The DeWALT DWE305 is significantly more expensive than the Makita CX300. The price difference is over $100, which can be a deciding factor for many customers. Both units offer a great deal of power and speed. One of the big selling points of the CX300 is its sleek design and portable size. It is lightweight and easy to transport from one job site to another. The motor on this model is extremely compact, which makes it ideal for working in tight spaces.

The DeWALT DWE305 has a longer list of features than the CX300. First, the DWE305 includes a three year warranty, which is double what you get with the CX300.

It also has a built-in battery charger. After using the saw for a few hours, you can place it on the charger and the battery will be fully charged by the time you are ready to use it again. The integrated dust collection system is a nice touch. It prevents dust from flying all over the place while you work.

This model has a cord lock feature, which automatically retracts the electrical cord when you are finished using it. This prevents the cord from becoming a tripping hazard.

There is also a fan-assisted cooling system, which helps the saw from overheating during extended periods of use. If you are looking for an all-in-one reciprocating saw that has more features than the CX300, go with the DWE305.

Both of these saws have similar ratings online. The customer feedback on both products is almost completely positive.

Most people who own either one are happy with their purchase. The main complaint about the CX300 is that it doesn’t have a handle, which makes holding the saw for extended periods of time more difficult. The DWE305 is also heavier and bulkier than the CX300, but again this isn’t a concern for most people.

Which One Should You Buy?

The Makita CX300 and the DeWALT DWE305 are both great reciprocating saws. The CX300 is more affordable and has a sleek design. It is also lightweight and easy to handle. If you are looking for an affordable saw that works well, the CX300 should be at the top of your list. On the other hand, if you want more features such as a built-in battery charger, cord lock feature, and integrated dust collection system, go with the DWE305. The extra $100 in price is worth it for these added conveniences.

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