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Best Circular Saw Reviews 2020: Circular Saws Review 2018 – Best Compact Circular Saw For Beginners? The following are some of the most popular types of circular saws available today. They all have their pros and cons. Some may seem better than others but they all fall short when it comes to being a good tool for beginning woodworkers. If you’re just getting started with woodworking then these are not the tools you want to use!

There are many different types of circular saws out there. There’s the traditional circular saw which is made from a straight blade and a slot.

These are great for cutting through material quickly, however they tend to be heavy and bulky making them less portable than other types of circular saws.

Then there’s the circular saw with a curved blade. These are ideal for cutting through thicker materials such as plywood or MDF.

However, they’re still big and heavy so if you plan on carrying one around all day then you’ll need something smaller like a cordless drill instead.

Finally there’s the circular saw with a straight blade and no slots at all. These are called “no-slots” or “spirals.” They’re great for making straight cuts in thin sheet material.

The downfall is that they can’t cut through anything substantial or else the blade can bend or worse.

Best Circular Saw Blades and Types of Cuts:

There are lots of different types of circular saw blades out there so it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to choose one. Some blades are better for softwoods, others work better with hardwoods, and some even make cross cuts easier.

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The main types of circular saw blades are:

Carbide Tipped Blades (for wood)

(for wood) High Speed Steel Blades (for wood)

(for wood) Wood Matrix Blades (for wood)

(for wood) Metal Cutting Blades

Circular Saw Blades for Laminate

There are also different types of cuts that you can make with a circular saw. These include:

Cross cut

Rip cut

Beveled rip cut

Beveled cross cut

Miter cut

Best Circular Saw With Laser Guide?

A popular feature found on some circular saws is a laser guide. This is great for cutting straight lines because all you have to do is line up the laser and you’ll have a perfectly straight cut. Laser guides can be found on both corded and cordless circular saws. If you’re looking to buy a cordless circular saw then I would highly recommend one with a laser guide. They’re extremely handy and can speed up your cutting time tremendously.

Quick Tip: The depth of the cut that the laser guide makes is always set at .625 inches.

You may need to change this if you’re cutting material that is thicker than this.

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Quick Tip: The laser guide on the DeWALT DW378K is on the bottom of the saw so it doesn’t get in the way while you’re cutting. This makes it less likely that you’ll accidentally focus on it rather than what you’re cutting.

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