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Best Cordless Grass Trimmer: Greenworks Combo?

Greenworks cordless trimmer is one of the most popular battery powered grass trimmers. It is a good choice if you want to save money and are looking for a simple, reliable and effective tool. However, it does not have all features that other brands offer. For example, it lacks the ability to trim your lawn with multiple passes or to remove large areas of vegetation without damaging them.

The following are some pros and cons of Greenworks cordless trimmer:

Pros Cons Easy to use, compact design makes it easy to carry around. Can cut through thick grasses easily. Has a powerful motor that cuts through grass at high speed. Does not require any maintenance or special tools. Great price compared to similar products from competitors like Dyson and Miele.

Durable plastic body and blade make it durable enough for outdoor use. Has a timer function so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn off the power when you’re done.

Cons: No cutting capacity for large areas of vegetation (like trees) due to its small blades. Its blade size is smaller than that of other models. Blade breaks easily, especially if used on thicker grasses such as Bermuda grass or Japanese knotweed.

How To Choose Best Cordless Grass Trimmer?

We can tell you how to choose best cordless trimmer. First of all, try to narrow down your choices in the market and then compare each of them. For example, let’s say there are three cordless grass trimmers you’re considering and they are: Greenworks, Worx, and Black & Decker.

The following are some of the criteria that you can use to compare them:

Power: What is the maximum thickness of grass that it can handle?

This is especially important if you’re considering using it on other types of vegetation such as trees, shrubs, and other plants.

Ease of use: Is the cordless grass trimmer light weight?

Is it easy to carry around and work with for extended periods of time?

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