Best 12-inch Miter Saw Reviews 2020

Best Bosch 12-Inch Miter Saw Review 2020

Bosch 12-inch compound miter saw review is one of the most popular models among home improvement professionals. Bosch 12-inch compound miter saws are considered to be the best miter saw for homeowners because they offer high quality and excellent value. Bosch 12-inch compound miter saws have been designed with many features such as:

The best feature of Bosch 12-in. compound miter saw is its ability to cut through wood without damaging it.

Another great feature of Bosch 12-inch compound miter saw is the fact that it allows users to easily adjust the blade angle.

It offers a wide range of cutting angles from 0° up to 45°.

It is ideal for trimming, drilling, and other types of work requiring precise cuts.

Bosch 12-inch compound miter saws are easy to use. They require no tools or special training to operate them. Users simply need to set the desired depth and then move the handle forward and back until the desired shape is achieved.

Once the desired shape is reached, users can stop moving the handle at any time.

You can easily mount the saw on a stand or workbench. It is important to note that users should not mount it on a wall unless they are doing professional type work for which the saw has been designed.

A 12-inch compound miter saw is an ideal tool for creating molding, laying flooring, building cabinets, cutting shelves, and other types of jobs around the house or workshop. It is important that you maintain your saw properly in order to keep it functioning well and cutting accurately. Make sure to clean the saw and its accessories after each use and apply a drop of oil where needed.

You can find all the necessary information about maintenance procedures in your owner’s manual.

Bosch 12-inch compound miter saws come with a handy tool hook that users can use to store their most frequently used tools. This tool hook can be mounted to the right or left side of the saw. The miter saw stand that comes with the saw is height adjustable, which allows users to use it comfortably regardless of their height.

The Best Sliding Miter Saw for the Money

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There are many different types of sliding miter saws on the market today. Most of them are designed for specific types of jobs and they don’t always deliver the best performance in every situation. If you’re looking for a sliding miter saw that can handle every type of cutting job regardless of the material then the DEWALT DW715 is the right choice for you.

The first thing that will catch your eye about this model is its price. It’s true that you do get what you pay for and in this case you will get much more! The price is quite high but consider this, with proper maintenance and care this product should last for many years.

In the long run it will actually end up being cheaper than buying a new cheap saw every couple of years.

The powerful 15 AMP, 5500 RPM motor provides more than enough power to slice through hardwood, softwood, plywood, and even steel. It has an outstanding bevel capacity of 55 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left. The miter capacity is an impressive 52.5 degrees to the right and 48 degrees to the left.

Basically, you can cut anything at any angle with this bad boy!

Both the bevel and miter are very easy and comfortable to adjust thanks to the large knobs found on the front of the saw. The depth and height adjustment knobs are also very easy to use.

The standout feature of this saw is its fence system. It has a dual fence system that allows users to make extremely accurate and repeatable cuts every time. It also has a self-aligning, rigid aluminum top that provides superior accuracy.

The detent system ensures smooth and accurate indexing. Even the base of the saw is constructed of heavy reinforced steel for extra durability and stability.

The only minor complaint about this product is that some users with smaller hands do not find the handle and trigger to be ideally proportioned. Other than that, this is an excellent saw that is ideal for both professionals and hobbyists.

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Best Miter Saws Under $200

There are many different types of miter saws under $200 but only a few that are worth spending your money on. The three listed below are all made by reputable manufacturers and are highly recommended by both professionals and homeowners alike.

Makita LS1216L Miter Saw

This is a great saw that comes at an economical price. It has many of the same features as professional grade saws but is more affordable for the average homeowner.

The powerful 15 AMP, 5000 RPM motor provides more than enough power for even the toughest cutting jobs. It has an outstanding bevel capacity of 59 degrees to the right and 48 degrees to the left. The miter capacity is equally impressive at 45 degrees to the right and 41 degrees to the left.

These wide bevel and miter angles allow you to make really unique cuts.

To help ensure accuracy and prevent slippage this unit has large double extension rails with clamping mechanisms, a sturdy stainless steel telescoping rail, and an innovative Z-lock mechanism. The Z-lock mechanism is a locking device located at the center of the saw’s top slider. It locks into place every time the arm is moved in either direction eliminating the need for readjustment when you move it back to the starting position.

This ensures superior precision and eliminates drift.

The innovative fence system on this unit is just as good as the rest of it. It has a large easy-to-read stripe to allow for quick and precise repeatable cuts each time. It is engineered with durable cast iron and aluminum which provides strength without adding excess weight.

The scale is accurate to 1/10th of a degree which allows for cuts of extreme accuracy and precision.

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The only real drawback of this machine is its weight.

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