Benchmade 300SN AXIS Flipper Review

Benchmade 300SN AXIS Flipper Review: What’s it all About?

The first thing I want to say is that I have been using the same knife since I was 10 years old. My dad gave me one when he bought my mom a house in 1983. Since then, it has served me well in many different jobs and tasks. For example, this knife has cut through countless pieces of meat, vegetables and fruits with ease (and without cutting myself).

I am not going to lie; this knife is pretty sharp. However, I do like the way it feels in my hand. When I use it for chopping up fruit or veggies, it makes slicing them into bite size pieces easy. If you are wondering what kind of blade this is, let me tell you that its blade is made from CPM S30V stainless steel which is known for being very strong and durable.

So why would I need another knife?

Well, there are many times where you might need to chop something up small enough so that you can easily carry it home. You could also use this knife for some light cutting chores around the house. And if you ever decide to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, then this will definitely come in handy.

As far as features go, this is probably one of the best axes out there right now. It has a lightweight feel with a well-made grip. Plus, the blade has been given a non-reflective coating which allows you to easily bring it wherever you need to go without drawing attention to yourself.

An integrated choil in the handle helps keep your hand from sliding onto the blade during use. It is powered by a strong draw bar system which gives it a very quick opening action. And it’s lock is very strong which helps keep the blade firmly in place when you need it most.

Just so you know, I actually received this knife as a gift from a family member. I have to say that I really like the case it came with. It is made from a hard, strong material which allows me to easily carry the knife without worrying about it breaking. It has enough room to also hold a small fire-starting rod and tinder box. Plus, the pocket in front is just the right size for holding my emergency water proof matches!

This knife has a lot of great features, but there are a few things you should know before buying it. First of all, the blade has no serration which means it will be hard to cut through rope and other thick materials. The handle is a bit big for smaller hands and the blade is very, very sharp. This might be a issue for young, inexperienced users.

This knife is definitely one of the best ones on the market right now. Its design has been given a lot of thought and it looks like it will last quite a while. It is made from quality materials and its light weight design makes it easy to use for long periods of time.

The main blade on this knife is a drop point blade style which is known for being very strong and durable. The blade has been made from quality material as it holds an edge well and is corrosion resistant. Plus, it has been tempered in a way that gives it more flexibility which helps with the strength properties of the blade.

This knife also features a partially serrated blade which makes cutting through certain materials a lot easier. It has also been equipped with a small hole near the base of the blade. This is great for quickly and easily pulling the knife out of whatever you might be cutting.

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Although it only has one main blade, this knife has two other tools which are both stored in the handle. One is a large screwdriver which will fit all of your regular sized screws and bolts. Plus, it also has a small flat head screwdriver at the bottom of the handle. Both tools are handy to have and can help save space in your pack if you are not planning on bringing many tools with you.

The handle has been designed to provide you with a good, secure grip even when your hands are wet or oily. Plus, it is made from glass-reinforced polymers which make it strong, resistant to breaking, and lightweight all at the same time.

This knife came with a nice little hard shell carry case with a belt loop. This carry case will keep the knife nice, safe, and secure. Plus, it is small enough to be carried on your person if you prefer. There is even a little loop in the inside of the case where you can put a small lock to prevent others from gaining access to it.

This knife has been given a nice tanto blade. The blade style has been designed to slice better than a double edged blade, while also being strong enough to withstand heavy use. Plus, the thick, strong tip can even be used as a screwdriver if needed.

This knife has an overall length of 9 1/2 inches, with a blade length of 4 3/4 inches. The blade has been made from quality stainless steel which is going to be strong, sharp, and resistant to corrosion. It also features a partially serrated edge which will make cutting through certain materials a lot easier.

A good knife is a must have when venturing into the wilderness. Whether you are building a shelter, starting a fire, or defending yourself against dangerous wildlife, a good knife will make your life a lot easier.

With so many different options available though, how do know which one is best for you?

With its partially serrated blade, durable stainless steel construction, and reinforced glass filled nylon handle, this knife is perfect for any task you need it for.

The blade of this knife has been given an impressive serrated edge. This is great for sawing through branches and reinforced materials such as a backpack that may have caught on something and gotten torn. The thick portion of the blade just behind the serrated edge is perfect for hammering and the tip is strong enough to be used as a screwdriver in an emergency situation.

Both the handle and the sheath are made from glass-filled nylon for added durability. This not only makes them stronger than your standard plastic, but it is also much more resistant to wear and tear from the elements.

The knife features a nice hefty weight and has been given an anti-slip grip on the handle for better control, even with wet hands. This is especially important if you need to use it for self-defense.

Designed with both safety and convenience in mind, this knife has a specially engineered handle that prevents your fingers from sliding forward over the blade, even if you grip it very tightly. This feature adds an extra level of safety making it less likely to cause serious injury to yourself.

The blade locks into place when opened and closed, and a notch in the handle lets you open it with one hand if needed. Plus, the sheath can be easily strapped to your belt or backpack using the durable nylon strap attached to it.

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When it comes to outdoor and wilderness survival, a good knife is an essential piece of equipment. Whether you need to start a fire to keep warm, construct a shelter, or hunt for food, a good knife will make all of these tasks a lot easier. Carrying a knife with you while out in the wilderness is far safer and more convenient than carrying a large axe or hatchet.

This knife has been given an ultra sharp blade made from strong stainless steel. The blade has also been partially serrated. This is great for sawing through thicker branches and wood.

The handle of the knife has been made from a strong, durable, and weather resistant nylon material. This ensures that it will stand up to the toughest conditions and gives you a comfortable, solid grip even with wet hands.

To ensure that you can easily access it in an emergency, the sheath features a wide, adjustable shoulder harness for carrying it. This lets you easily carry it on your front, with the knife easily accessible at all times.

Designed to be rust resistant, this knife will not suffer from normal wear and tear from moisture or humidity. Plus, it is small and light enough that it can be easily packed away in your bag and won’t take up too much room.

The blade locks into place when opened and closed, so you don’t need to worry about any accidents. A notch in the handle lets you to open it with one hand, which can be a real bonus if your other hand is injured or otherwise unavailable.

Whether you are an avid hunter or hiker, or someone who enjoys spending time in the wilderness, this knife will make an excellent addition to your equipment.

When going out into the wilderness, you never know when you might need a knife. From constructing a shelter to start a fire or cut some wood, to preparing your catch of the day for cooking and eating, this knife can handle all of these tasks and more.

This high-quality knife is suitable both for experienced adventurers and for those who are just starting out on their first outdoor pursuits.

It’s made from strong, durable, and weather resistant materials to ensure that it will last you for years to come, and its clever design features makes it both safe and convenient to use.

This knife has been made from strong stainless steel with a partly serrated blade. The blade has also been treated to ensure that it is ultra sharp and will easily cut through even the toughest materials such as bone or wood. The blade is 4.5 inches long, making it a versatile size that can be used for both big and small tasks.

The black and gray design looks great and is suitable for either a man or a woman (or anyone who wants to borrow it! It’s strong and durable nylon handle is equally at home in a woman’s hand as it is in a man’s, while its compact size means that it is always easy to carry with you on your adventures. It’s lightweight and small enough that it can be easily packed away in your bag and won’t take up too much room.

The knife has been fitted with a reliable liner lock to keep it securely open when in use, while also ensuring that it closes when you want it to. This means that it will be safe to use at all times.

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The knife has been fitted with a comfortable grip so that it is always easy to hold and use, even over long periods of time.

This really is a great, reliable knife that you will find many uses for. Whether you are out hunting or just enjoying the great outdoors, it will make light work of any job you have to hand.

Features and Specifications

Blade is 4.5″ long and 0.12″ thick

Total length of knife when open is 8.

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