Armed Work Wear Pants Review

The Burson Marston is one of the most popular brands among men’s fashion. They are known for their high quality work wear pants made from fine cotton twill fabric. These pants have been designed to protect your legs during hard physical labor or other strenuous activities. You will not only look good while wearing these pants, but they are also very comfortable to wear due to their softness and stretchy nature.

Burson Marston is a British company founded in 1887 by John Burson and William Marston. Their first product was a pair of trousers called “Marston” which were worn by actors in silent films. After the success of their first trousers, they began producing other types of clothing including jackets, shirts, ties and even underwear. Today Burson Marston produces many different kinds of clothes under several brand names such as Burberry, Dior Homme and others.

In the early days of the 20th century, Burson Marston was a major player in the world of advertising. They created some of the earliest advertisements for companies like Levi Strauss & Co., J. Press and others. Later on, after World War II, Burson Marston became more focused on making clothing for its own customers rather than selling to other companies.

In the decades that followed, the company thrived and helped popularize many different types of clothing. Their ties were worn by men all over the world. Their suits were popular with businessmen. Even their underwear was worn by actors in major motion pictures. One of their best selling products was a pair of trousers called “Marston” which were worn by some of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars.

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