ACDelco ARI2060 Impact Wrench Review

AC Delco ARI2060 Impact Wrench Review

Price: $129.95 (incl. tax)

Weight: 1 lb 2 oz (0.45 kg)

Length: 5.3″ (14 cm)

Diameter at widest point: 0.9″ (2 mm)

The ACDelco ARI2060 Impact Wrench is a powerful tool with a wide range of applications from automotive to home repair, electrical work to construction site.

It is designed to perform a variety of tasks including:

• Tightening nuts and bolts in tight spaces such as under hoods, doors, engine bays, etc. • Improving vehicle performance • Preventing damage to vehicles when working on engines or transmissions • Lifting heavy objects up to 15 lbs (7 kg).

The ARI2060’s design is based on the mechanics of an impact driver. It uses a hammering action to spin its steel impact bit at speeds up to 2,300 RPM. This allows the tool to work with a range of different fasteners and materials from low-torque tasks like wood and plastic to high-torque ones such as sheet metal. In fact, it can loosen a tight nut or bolt more than 30 times faster than by hand!

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